Which Super Power Do I Have? Quiz

Just a random fun quiz...something fun to think about when you're toiling away at work or school and the boredom is slowly but surely taking away just a little of your will to live. Everyone has an element they're most like.

And guess what? There is so much more to each of us than our element! You probably have actual superpowers you didn't even think were that - like compassion, being a great listener, always helping, making people laugh, etc.:-)

  • 1
    Which of these is closest to your name?
    Which of these is closest to your name?
  • 2
    Your hair is...
  • 3
    What colour is your hair?

  • 4
    Which of these most sparks your interest?
  • 5
    How high can you sing?
  • 6
    Which one describes you best?

  • 7
    Which of these have you worked with? If you have worked with more than one, just choose your favourite of the two.
  • 8
    Last question: You think an awesome party would be...
  • 9
    What colour eyes do you have?
  • 10
    You are...

  • 11
    How do you think?

Comments (218)


4 days ago
me to Katherine i also got water and it makes sense because i love water!
47 days ago
I got water!! I love swimming and other water based things so it kind of makes sense!
71 days ago
Yay!I got electricity!And I do want super hacking skills and incredible brain capacity;)
86 days ago
My element is none

it says Your possible powers: Eating a cheeseburger.

You don't have any super-human powers. But you might have some pretty cool human ones! Like being funny, being a great friend and more! And that is definitely not nothing.:-)
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97 days ago
I think ice doesn’t even exist in this quiz
I got fire, which I wanted, bec I love fire or to play wit it, even tho nearly everyone I know is scared of fire and tells me to stop haha-
My zodiac is a fire sign as well
126 days ago
I wanted ice and I got Air
161 days ago
Yay! I got fire! Hehehe
166 days ago
I got fire which is my zodiac, however if anything im mostly on my phone 24/7 or swimming and doing athletics, i dont understand how im related to fire.
252 days ago
i got water witch means i can control the water in the air the ground and in other living creatures so you better be care full around me!
312 days ago
I wanted air because it would mean you can control air therefore make urself and other things float but I got fire. Still cool but. Yarb.
385 days ago
I GOT FIREE ,i mean its cool(︶^︶)
385 days ago
i got electric( ̄y▽, ̄)╭
387 days ago
I got my zodiac element vg
406 days ago
I'm firee,I wanted electric so baddd TvT
410 days ago
This quiz was really fun to take! I had a lot of fun taking it and while I was going through I kept on guessing my power. I didn’t get the power I was expecting tho but ether way it was great!
412 days ago
i wanted water i got air
415 days ago
I got fire power this is what it said:So, are you ready to find out your element? It's...


Your possible powers: Fire control, fire creation, fire transformation.

You might have this one great power - but then, you might have all of them! And many others.:-)
418 days ago
ps that dude is british
418 days ago
ugh i always get fire
424 days ago
hii i always a vey high sing