Which Super Power Do I Have? Quiz

Just a random fun quiz...something fun to think about when you're toiling away at work or school and the boredom is slowly but surely taking away just a little of your will to live. Everyone has an element they're most like.

And guess what? There is so much more to each of us than our element! You probably have actual superpowers you didn't even think were that - like compassion, being a great listener, always helping, making people laugh, etc.:-)

  • 1
    Which of these is closest to your name?
    Which of these is closest to your name?
  • 2
    Your hair is...
  • 3
    What colour is your hair?

  • 4
    Which of these most sparks your interest?
  • 5
    How high can you sing?
  • 6
    Which one describes you best?

  • 7
    Which of these have you worked with? If you have worked with more than one, just choose your favourite of the two.
  • 8
    Last question: You think an awesome party would be...
  • 9
    What colour eyes do you have?
  • 10
    You are...

  • 11
    How do you think?

Comments (232)


1299 days ago
yay I happy OwO OwO
1299 days ago
Water peeps this is awesome
OwO I so happy
1356 days ago
Ella is my BFF but she left my school so know I just go on these test and see what she hade written.Oh and if you go on to am I a mermaid quite/test me, ella and this girl called MARLI we were all talking well kind of talking ok while peace out bra#im a tomgirl
1373 days ago
Your element: Air.
Your possible powers: Air control, air creation, invisibility, flight.
You might have one power - but then, you might have all of them.
1392 days ago
I got electricity its cool
1404 days ago
I got fire 🔥 and electricity ⚡
1411 days ago
I got fire as the element and got fire control fire creation and fire transpotation.
1429 days ago
I’m a pro I got ⚡️🔥🌊 and air and earth it say I can have a better power and I got all of them
1431 days ago
Your element: Water.
Your possible powers: Water control, water creation, water transformation.
You might have one power - but then, you might have all of them.
1431 days ago
I have pregocnition
1436 days ago
I got 🔥 but i wouldn't mind ⚡
1439 days ago
I got Fire...sweet, I'm looking down at the comments and I see lots of ppl wanting water but they get air, why are they complaing? Its just a quiz?? Chill ppl CHILL! Especially this one girl "Nyra"....bruh you can't always expect things to go your way?? That's not the point of life!
1440 days ago
1449 days ago
this quiz doesn't work out for me
1449 days ago
...Air...boi i answered water for most of the questions and i get air??? what quiz is this? not happy
1450 days ago
I was really NOT expecting that!!!!
1450 days ago
🔥 Fire fire fire 🔥Every thing is 🔥
1462 days ago
Hello folks. Guess what I got? I GOT AIR AND I WANTED WATER :(
1510 days ago
I literally entered swimming and water for all of them and they said freaking fire powers? What the heck
1524 days ago
I got fire and I can turn into it, make it control it. It says that I might have all powers as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!