What is your spiritual power?

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The user expects this quiz to be somewhat entertaining and also a little bit of surprising. He/she should also expect this test to be a bit intriguing. He/she should do this test because it might give them a way to see what hidden feeling that they have deep down and use it to express their feelings in a non violent way.

  • 1
    What do you do in your spare time?
  • 2
    What animal is your favorite?
  • 3
    I know you will kill me for asking this, but what is your favorite combination of colors?

  • 4
    What would your friends describe you as?
  • 5
    What song is close to your favorite?
  • 6
    Do you get away with things easily?

  • 7
    What is your zodiac sign?
  • 8
    What color are your eyes?
  • 9
    What element are you drawn to?
  • 10
    What month were you born in?

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538 days ago
I got immortality and healing.
Yay I get free money from saving people with my power :>
988 days ago
hehe :3 yes im immortal always wanted to watch my family wither away and die (jkjk)
1015 days ago
Your spiritual power is electrokinisis or lightning and weather. You are very hyper and are made sure your point gets across the table, and you are easily flustered and can get out of hand sometimes. But you are also very generous and can make everyone around you smile with gratitude, you are also very protective of family and friends.

Wow.... got my personality right 100% 0-0
1119 days ago
Your spiritual power is healing and immortality. You are a very calm, patient person, but when you offend his/her friends and family WATCH OUT! he/she will be sneaky about their revenge, but you are also very intelligent and wise and you know when to act and how to act. You are very punctual and are very kind and a little bit motherly. You have the talent of making everyone around you calmer.

I guess so, if you get past my hatred for humans.... haha
1120 days ago
Wow my real element electricity ;}