How Old is Your Inner Child?
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How Old is Your Inner Child?

Have you ever felt that you were too wise for your own age or maybe even too young to be the age you are? Well, take this quiz and find out how old you really are!

Question 1:   What are your plans for tonight?
My friends and I are going to go cruising in my new car!
I'll be clubbing and get drunk off my ass! Woohoo! Party on!
My mommy and I are going to see the new Rugrats movie!
I'll be putting the children to bed and then watch the West Wing.
I'll take my medication and then hit the sack at 8:00pm.

Question 2:   What do you do when you wake up in the morning?
I drag my ass out of bed and drive to another meaningless day at school. Yay.
I wake up at 2:00pm with a hangover from the night before and realize I'm late for Marketing Research. Oh shit!
My mommy wakes me up and feeds me Cheerios!
I wake up the children and bring Sally to pre-school. Then, I go grocery shopping. What fun!
I take my medication and put my dentures in.

Question 3:   What are some of your favorite foods?
Pizza, McDonald's and nachos.
Fruit Loops, apples and chocolate milk. Yummy for my tummy!
A salad for my diet and a Starbuck's espresso.
A filet mignon with a sprig of parsley on the side...but I can never have that with these greedy, little children!

Question 4:   What kinds of music do you listen to?
Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and Nirvana. Rock on!
My college radio station. Go bears!
Jimmy Buffet and Cat Stevens.
Frank Sinatra..ol' blue eyes...gotta love them oldies!

Question 5:   What is your worst nightmare?
That stupid little slut, Courtney, will steal Billy away from me! Whore!
That one night, the monsters under my bed will eat me! Aah! Mommy!
I'll fail me entrance exam and have to live with my parents forever. No!
My worst nightmare's already come true. Bob is cheating on me. I know it! I know he is! What about our children, you stupid dick!
Those gosh-darn teenagers nextdoor! And more pills.

Question 6:   Do you have a job?
No. I go to St.Agnes's Preschool. I make popsicle stick houses! And eat glue! Yay!
I go to school and work part time as a pizza delivery boy. At least I have a job, penis head! Oh yeah! Go f*** your motha!
I attend Berkley and have an internship at my uncle's law firm.
I am an underpaid workaholic with two children and a husband who's having an affair with his secretary...damn you, Bob!
I am a retired Veteran...and I take lots of pills.

Question 7:   Do you have any pets?
A meddling little brother.
Does my room mate count? What a slob! Don't tell her I said that!
My kids made me buy them a disgusting bird that pisses everywhere and who has to clean u after it? Me! Whose is it? Theirs! I hate you, Bob!
Yes! I have a doggy and two kitties. Their names are Bowwey, Cloey and Rhinestone! My fishies just died yesterday! Yay!
Umm...hold on...let me thing about that for just a moment...oh dang nabbit! My alzheimers is kicking in...

Question 8:   Are you tired of taking this test?
No. But I wish I could eat some glue!
Psh...I've got nothing else to do...this town is sooooo boring!
Well, actually I should be studying...but screw that! Party at the Frat house!
No. But I know my husband is tired of me. Bob, you dick!
I'm always tired...

Question 9:   What is your favorite tv show?
The OC. That dude is sooo hott!
Sesame Street! And glue!
CSI...I wish they'd investigate my husband...f***ing bastard...

Question 10:   What do you think of when I say...Red?
The color of the Mustang I want! Vroom, vroom!
My room mate's bedspread...oh wait, under all the filth.
The color of an apple! Mmm...I wish glue was red!
Red...I hate you, Bob! Rot in hell!
The color of the plane I flew in World War 2!

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