What's My Mental Age?

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There's your biological age, and then there's your mental age. The latter has more to do with your likes and dislikes and how you act and feel. Do you think older or younger than your actual age? Take this quiz to find out! And please don't take your result too seriously - many adults wish they could think like kids again! And if you think like an adult at a young age, don't think you're "old" - you're just WISE!

  • 1
    What movie genre do you most like to watch?
  • 2
    Which would you choose to do with two hours of free time?
  • 3
    If someone bumped into you without saying sorry, what would you most likely do?

  • 4
    Which of these foods would you most prefer to eat?
  • 5
    If a guy were to approach you and say "You're cute," what would you most likely say to him?
  • 6
    What do you think of homework?

  • 7
    What do you think of candy?
  • 8
    What colors do you like most?
  • 9
    What do you think of kids?
  • 10
    What do you think about the iPad?

Comments (136)


20 days ago
It said I’m 21 - 50 I’m not that old ..
32 days ago
So I got a bit of all of them bar 51+ but...... I am the most mature 15 year- old that I have ever known! I am more mature than a good few adults too. So I am mature but I can act childish in a super cute way when I feel like it sooo........ what does that make me?
39 days ago
0-10, over 51, 11-20, 21-50 I’m 13 what the hell
86 days ago
It says I'm 51+ but I'm 11
People have always told me I'm an old soul
93 days ago
I was wondering if I was an adult or 11. I got 40% 21-50 and 40% 11-20. I don't know if I'm 11 or 50.
102 days ago
I’m 12, but I got 21-50. Okay okay thats good. Its true. I like this quiz
120 days ago
Gave me all option from age 0-50!!!!! Insane
123 days ago
mine sayed 11-20 im 14 but i act like a 5yr old
136 days ago
It’s saying I’m 0-10 when I’m 12 and I’m so happy :)
171 days ago
I got 21-50.... And I'm 13, but I also know to talk in 3 languages fluently so I guess that makes me ... With a higher IQ? (That's what I saw on the internet) Not to brag or anything 😅
173 days ago
Also, how do you write in color?
173 days ago
It says I'm 11-20 years and I'm 11. Soooooo...
...good quiz?
202 days ago
I'm 14 apparently my mental age is from 10 to over 51,soo that cool rigt?
204 days ago
I’m 21-50, I’m actually 11...
204 days ago
I got 11-21 I'm 12 so I guess that's cool I just figuredout I can write in coulor !!!!!
242 days ago
11-20... True, but according to the tests, I seem to be 61, 26, 11-20, 36 I don't really know what i am... IF THE NEXT TEST SAYS I'M UNDER TEN, I SWEAR I WILL THROW THIS THING ON THE FLOOR!!!
252 days ago
i am a child at heart. Then again I am also I child in real life...13 year olds count as children right???LOL:)
283 days ago
the one that was 0% percent chance, was my actual age... every single test i've taken says the same thing. that i'm +10yrs than my actual age
296 days ago
21-50....my first thought when i saw my result was, "wow that's a big margin of error." I'm 13 but I'm always told I act way older. I always have way more fun when I hang with adults (though only the ones that know me well enough to not treat me like a five year old) Yeah I'm an old soul oof
Also, just a side note but just because someone is more mature doesn't mean they won't enjoy hanging out with you...I love doing normal teenager things just as much as I love to discuss grammar and philosophies.
305 days ago
I am 12 and I got 51+ wth !?