What's your inner self and your future?
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What's your inner self and your future?

We carry a lot of things hidden inside that we often don't realize that they may control our lives...So are you ready to search deep inside yourself?

Question 1:As you walk in the countryside you see two roads. The one leads to a grassland and the other one to a forest. Which one will you follow?
The forest
The grassland
I can't decide...

Question 2:As you walk you come across some keys..How do you imagine them/it?
Many old keys
Few but not too old
One or two big, shiny and new

Question 3:You also see a cup of coffee. How do you imagine it?
The cup is not so full and the coffee not very hot
The cup is full of hot coffee
The cup is almost empty and the coffee (if any) is cold

Question 4:You continue to walk and you see a big bear coming towards you. What do you do?
Start running like crazy
Fight the bear
Play dead

Question 5:After you have passed the bear you come across a river. How do you imagine it?
It is quite big but you can find a way to cross it
It is a big and deep river. Difficult to cross it
It is very small. No difficulty at all in crossing it

Question 6:After you have passed the obstacles, here comes the easy part..You see a house in front of you, right in the middle of nowhere. How do you imagine it?
It is really really small, like a hut
It is too big, like a mansion
It is a normal country house

Question 7:You walk behind the house and you see a wall in front of you. Is it..
Almost at the same height with you
Too tall, a lot taller than you
A lot shorter than you

Question 8:What do you see (or imagine) behind the wall?
I see dark colors, anything ugly and unpleasant
I see a beautiful garden, trees, something beautiful anyway
It is the same as it was until now

Question 9:Would you like to jump over the wall and go to the other side?
Hm...I don't know

Question 10:Do you feel you have lost your time doing this test?
No, I don't think so..
I am waiting for the results to decide
Definitely yes!!!

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