Where Will I Live In The Future?

Do you want to know where you and your family will live when you grow up? Besides "Planet Earth," ha ha! I mean, who wouldn't be curious, right? Well, just take this test to find out right now! *Might not be 100 percent accurate for all test-takers.

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    Which is the closest to where you live now?
    Which is the closest to where you live now?

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182 days ago
For 50% you are: So where will you live in the future? You're going to live in a farmhouse in the country. You'll be awakened by a rooster each morning - cockadoodledoo! At night, you'll say goodnight to your cows and pigs. Moove over, Bossy, time to sleep!
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yessss this is my dream no anoying humans in sight
262 days ago
I got California and i already live there so ya i think i am going to stay
562 days ago
I think it is very accurate and its amazing
562 days ago
It was SO GOOD!!!!!!!
1242 days ago
Why isn’t there an engineer or other option things on here
1364 days ago
Sorry not "to pick" I ment options
1364 days ago
OMG could everyone stop complaining about the farm!?!? The person who made this quiz though about someone living on a farm. I liked that quiz even though there wasn't much that other people live like but there isn't enough to pick.
1393 days ago
This was an okay test but it didn’t have many options. None of the questions fit me and I was not happy about my answer. Why were there their so many farm things?? Thanks
1413 days ago
Why is this based on a farm
1422 days ago
maybe....i don't know...lol.......^_^
1452 days ago
Way out in the country, Backwoods Mississippi to be exact. YEE YEE
1486 days ago
tell me clearly about ma future llz?
1541 days ago
This person clearly lives on a farm 🐽🐽🐽
1544 days ago
what's with all the FARM options?!
1546 days ago
This quiz is weird. Why are are there so many farm options. And what the he'll is wrong with hobos
1562 days ago
What's the heck is wrong with the farm thing????? It keeps talking about living on a farm!!!!!!!!
1817 days ago
They don't have the right thing I wanna be
1840 days ago
Why does it keep talking about hobos!! Plz change that and btw a hobo wont even have a computer to take this quiz.
1994 days ago
in a normal house in a normal neirborhood