What is your emotional age?

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Do you feel like you act older than your age or do you feel younger than you really are at heart. Find out your true emotional age here. This is just for fun.

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207 days ago
I'm only 11 😂😂😂😆😆😆
207 days ago
But guys remember this is supposed to be your emotional age not your real age
207 days ago
I got 70% that my emotional age is 15 and20% that it's 70 and 10% 8yrs old
561 days ago
I got 15 just take it down to 12. It doesn't matter
638 days ago
I got 15 not even close my real age is 8
865 days ago
I got 15, bring it down 7 yrs
884 days ago
I got 15...? I'm nearly 10..? eh doesnt matter
933 days ago
I got 35! Just dub it down 22 years!🤣
1006 days ago
I got 8 Really Close to My Real Age!