Could You Survive In Another Time?
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Could You Survive In Another Time?

Do you need all the comforts and gadgets of the 21st century? How dependent on them are you anyway?

Question 1:What do you do when you get home from school?
Homework and chores
Flip through the channels while your computer logs onto the internet.
Call your best friend.

Question 2:What's the most common way you communicate?
MSN, AIM, ICQ...some form of instant messaging.
Uh, face to face, duh.

Question 3:How do you get your music?
I download it, or have friends burn me copies of their CDs.
I buy it at the store.
I mostly just listen to the radio.

Question 4:You never buy new clothes without...
Checking out sales on the store's order them online usually too.
Trying them on.
You usually check out the store's website for sales, but rarely buy anything that way.

Question 5:The most techno gadget you own is:
It's a tossup between my portable MP3 player and my cell phone that takes pictures...they're both such necessities.
I guess my cell phone, although it's kinda outdated.
Well I do have this nifty thing called a "calculator"...

Question 6:How many times a day do you check your e-mail?
Once, if I have time.
What is this "E-mail" you speak of?
Every chance I get.

Question 7:Which of these is a part of your morning routine?
Checking my e-mail and getting a little chatting in...
Calling my best friend to see if she's picking me up (or maybe just getting some AM gossip in)
Breakfast, shower...I don't have time for much else.

Question 8:How many flashy appliances do you have in your kitchen?
Is a toaster and a microwave "flashy"?
All the latest - George Foreman grills, etc.
Some basics, but nothing much.

Question 9:How about in your bedroom?
I've got my own computer, TV, DVD player, Game Cube, etc. etc. The list goes on.
A phone. I don't even get my own line though.
A clock radio...but it's broken...

Question 10:And how do you do your hair?
Lots of products, I either straighten it, curl it, or something like that (and I sometimes I use more than one together to create really original looks!)
I blow dry it and try to get it to look ok.

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