Did you live in prison or jail in another life?
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Did you live in prison or jail in another life?

Have you ever thought to yourself that you might have lived in prison in another life. What is your life today compared to how people live in prison right now. Take this quiz to find out if you might of done time in the clink in another life. You might of even been on death row. Do you remember now?

Question 1:   How often do you get outside?
I don't like to be outside. I would rather stay in my home. I fear people. I don't get out that often.
I love to be outdoors.
I only go out when the weather is nice. I hate cold and rainy weather.
I only go outside when I need to get something I really need, like food for example.

Question 2:   Do you have problems meeting people?
I like to meeting new people.
I hate meeting new people. I like to live with myself.
Yes I have problems meeting people. I am shy.
I would rather be in my home and waste away, then to meet new people.
I have many new friends.

Question 3:   Is your house, or apartment a mess?
My home is real clean. Why people could lick off the floor.
I need to pick up. However my home is not that bad.
Yes, just like when I lived in prison in another life. Why some people can't even find the floor.
There is pee and stuff all over my walls.
My home smells real nasty. I don't smell a thing.

Question 4:   Do you have many weird names for yourself?
I only have one name.
Yes. I call myself by many weird names.
I never use my real name. I don't like it, so people call me all kinds of names.
I have many names for all my personalities.

Question 5:   When you read about people in death row, or when you read about people in prison and you find out what is being done to them what is your reaction?
Those people deserve to die. They murdered people. Die I say.
I break down and cry. I think what if it was me. I can't take it and I am going to fight for the rights to set some people free. Excuse me while I go cry some more. I'll cry all night. This is so sad.
I believe people who commit crimes should be locked away. They deserve to be treated bad.

Question 6:   Are you afraid of lighting? This might explain if you were on death row and executed.
Lighting is cool. I like to play outside when it storms.
I tape lighting sounds and play it on tape to help me get to sleep.
I feel all weird and powerful when I hear or see lighting.
When I hear thunder I run and hide. I get scared because I don't want to be electrocuted. I run into the next place where there is shelter.
I believe I died in another life and it was by lighting.

Question 7:   Do you write people on death row?
Yes. I have written at least two or more people on death row.
Are you crazy? I would not write anyone on death row.
I have written one person on death row.
I would write someone on death row. However I don't want to get to know them because I know they are going to die. It would be too hard for me.

Question 8:   Are you depressed and do you stay depressed for long periods of time.
I don't have problems with depression.
I have been depressed a few times.
I feel great. I love life.
I am depressed right now. Yes I have been depressed for along time. Even when I was young I was depressed.
I have a knife and a bottle of rum. Life stinks.

Question 9:   Do you fear you will be locked up for a crime you never committed?
I fear I will be locked up for a crime I never committed. This fear makes it hard for me to go outside, so I stay inside my home because it's much safer that way.
No I don't worry about being locked up for a crime I did not commit.
I could care less. I have better things to do.

Question 10:   Do you have dreams of being locked up for a crime you did not commit?
I don't remember my dreams.
I have many dreams of being locked up for a crime I did not commit. I also have many dreams I have been in jail, or prison.
I have had one or two dreams of being locked up.
I know other people who have had dreams of being locked up for crimes they did not commit.

Question 11:   How many fights have you gotten into in this life?
I have been in many fights. I have guns and knifes and I know how to protect myself.
I have only been in a few fights.
I have never been in a fight and never care to be in one.
I am too afraid to fight. I would rather run, then be killed.
Put up your dukes right now. I have my boxing gloves on.

Question 12:   Do you smoke ciggs, do drugs, or drink?
I only smoke ciggs.
I smoke, do drugs and drink
I only drink
I don't touch any drugs.
I have done a few drugs in my time. I quit after I seen the Devil and God sitting in one room..Yikes!

Question 13:   Do you have any tattoos and do you swear quiet often?
I have many tats but I don't swear. It's not nice to cuss.
I don't have any tats. However I do have a real filthy mouth.
I have many tattoos and yes I swear worse than a truck driver.
I don't have any tats and I don't cuss. I am real refined.

Question 14:   Have you ever dated someone in prison, or jail?
I have never dated someone from jail or prison. I would be too afraid to.
I could care less.
I have only dated someone in jail, not prison.
Yes I have dated many people in jail and prison.

Question 15:   Do you have problems keeping, or staying in a relationship?
I am married
I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
I am still single.
I cannot seem to find love. I have dated at a real young age and now I am old and I still can't find the person I am looking for. I will probably die alone.
I am in the process of getting into my next relationship.

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