How Aryan are you?

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Will you survive World War III?

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    What is your hair colour?

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88 days ago
Bro I am whiter then the snow my eye are bluer then the blue sky germany as 💑 non-religious got a grandpa that served the German Reich as a Wehrmacht commander but above all I am no Aryan from the results hahahhaa
121 days ago
If you wish to know do your research. Egypt, babylon, Israel, Joseph, Judah, 10 tribes and the 12 tribes. It doesnt matter though. Ones that believe will be no different than the other. If you are reading this you are merely asking about your next say 70 years on average. Love y'all
248 days ago
Oh jeez... I'm puerto rican; have brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes. not particuarly good-looking and it said i was a 'perfect' aryan. ha
250 days ago
How am i iranian but not aryan?
332 days ago
Im blonde,blue eyed, not short not tall but average and my body type is average too and 100% white
332 days ago
im literally blonde, blue eyed, tall and Average what do you mean not aryan HAHAHAH
723 days ago
Guys guys guys this isn’t a test about actual aryans are - it’s what hitler believed aryans were (his perfect race with blonde hair and blue eyes) but he obviously didn’t do his research so yea it’s incorrect as to what a legitimate aryan is
778 days ago
These blonde hair blue eyed people are NOT Aryan, they are Norsk... Aryans typically have red hair or at least the red hair genome. And yes they are all Indian, regardless of the color of their skin, they range from pale to burnt orange in modern day. They were originally from neither Iran nor India, but southern Russia, Mongolia region so u now find Indian Aryans, Indo- Аяyans, Asiaryans, Iranian Aryans... They are the nation of people that the Romans and Grecians called Scythians. They influence basically all religions we know today, some even say that the Lord Buddha and Sri Krsna were both Aryan but they will all have roots in Sanskrit and Hindu culture. I live in America as an Aryan and these gangs that claim aryanism have no clue the true culture that comes with it, Aryans are FAR from violent people's. But with that said I don't claim it because the Indian Hindus deserve it more than anyone if u ask me, they look at the upanishads as divine text... I consider the Vedas and the Upanishads the most important texts ever compiled myself, and I do believe without doubt I descend from Indians even though I'm pale and I'm very proud of that, I wish I could darken but I can't LOL
788 days ago
The kid that made this is obviously a JEW!!!
800 days ago
I am Alanic Ossetian, hence an Oldest survivong tribe of The Alans aka Aryans. And t says i am not much of a Aryan...hellooo...I DNA test and my Grandpas stories...Test iS fraud...
1000 days ago
My actuall name is Aryan but I still did bad😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
1007 days ago
Test says I'm 100% aryan, but I'm not bc I've sadly green eyes :c
1104 days ago
This is fake test nd we have many proofs we're Aryans we are not say we Aryans like Europeans opposite we're show only proofs only I show 1 proof only Ancient Aryans was speaks Sanskrit language in which European side-place-country speak Sanskrit language European have any proofs it's mean North Indian Santana-(Hinduism) is real pure Aryans not any European or Iranian they all are fake
1106 days ago
this quiz is just of nothing . aryans need not be blue eyed pale or blonde indian aryans have different features then nordic aryans .the kid who made this quiz must get out of steryotipical world and know about indian dare you i am a pure blooded aryan .
1128 days ago
i deserve to be aryan
1128 days ago
how dare yoou i am aryan
1170 days ago
Well,I'm Turkish but I also suspect about I can be Aryan (,Kurds are included here)
And also I think they are Southern(South Asia and Mezophotamia) and they were warriors either,they are usually brunette or blonde but this does not describe it. There are Indian,Persian and Kurd,so they are a little different from each other.. What i am confused about is there are also Europeans here (German especially,so I am really skeptical about it because i do not trust Western theories especially if it is from a British..)

But the quiz result says I'm not,is it only based on physical appearance?

(And Kurds are not from Middle Asia if i say,they were living with Persians,Arabians etc. So..)
1293 days ago
I am from Agra . First of all aryan theory which is based on colour of eyes,skin is totaly fake.. this theory given by a bloddy Britisher to separate indians on his fake idealogy... True meaning of aryan acoording to hinduism is noble by thoughts and karmas, not on skin,hair,eye colour...all that indian people who follows vedic hinduism,sikhism,budhism,jainism are pure aryans... may be it is south indian or north indian...if aryan theory based on body structure then.all great person had fair colour...
1311 days ago
I am quite an Aryan and Indian . the true Aryan came to India during Aryan invasion from middle Asia Minor (kurds and turks are also from there). But in India everyone thinks that he is Aryan because he is either Hindu or indian. But most of Indian have brown eyes and hair dark skin or slightly fair not all are cannot said to be Aryan.
1312 days ago
My mum told me I'm an Aryan. I am quite pale and I have blonde hair and blue eyes.