Which Military Branch Should I Join?🎖️

So you already know that you want to join the military - but should you go Army or Navy? Air Force or Marines? Or maybe the Coast Guard would float your boat? They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Take this 'Which military branch is the best for me?' quiz right now.

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872 days ago
Too anyone who isn't sure take time to think about it. It doesn't matter what gender you are or how well in shape you are. If you have the will and want to do it you will succeed! But for me Go Marines!
872 days ago
I've been thinking of joining the Marine corps! That's the one it chose for me! I haven't decided if the military is my way but if it is here I come USMC!
877 days ago
I always wanted marines I took 8 tests and all said the same so
893 days ago
I stuck between Marines and Air Force dont know what to chose
916 days ago
LETS GO GOT THE BRANCH I WANTED (marines) I’m ready for the USMC

927 days ago
Been stuck between Navy and Marines and i got 30% match on both of them as my top results idk what to do lmao
944 days ago
I want to be in the coast guard but when i took the test i only got 40% Coast guard and also i plan to be an officer
968 days ago
Moi je préfère plus l'armée de terre parce que j'aime affronter l'ennemi en face
993 days ago
I've wanted to join the military forever, I just recently (last 2 years or so) decided that the marine corps is the way I want to go. I like a challenge and don't give up easily, but I'm a girl. I've taken 6 tests and they either said Navy or Marines, I want to be trained in one on one combat. I want to face the enemy and get the job done with my own hands (or whatever weapon). I don't know what to do. Help?
1003 days ago
Dont let Just this quiz guide you. Truly take the time to find out your best fit for service. Remember that any service no matter what is honorable.
1023 days ago
So I got Marines, but I've took 10 other quizzes and they all said the Army. Which one should I join?
1023 days ago
I have ALWAYS been obsessed with USMC. My coach at my HS has said I am fit enough to get in. Should I?
1030 days ago
I'm a fighter and always have been and I've been fascinated with the marine corp lately but I dont know a whole lot about it. What should I do when I'm of age to join?
1037 days ago
I got 60% Navy and well I’ve been indecisive if I should go to college or join the Navy.. what should I do??
1043 days ago
I got 50% Navy and I’ve wanted to join the Navy for a while so I guess imma join HOOYAH!
1049 days ago
I got 60% Marine Corps and did 5 other test confirming it. I'm a sophomore in high school and have been wanting to join them ever since i was 5. Guess i know what im gonna be doing.Oorah
1051 days ago
I got Marines and on the other quiz I got marines and another 2 I got marines and 1 army so maybe I’ll join up with the marines
1080 days ago
I got 30% army and 30% marines. "Rare profile" they say.
1083 days ago
I got 60% Army...Should I join?
1096 days ago
I want to be a marine and I’m a senior in highschool I’m almsot there