What element are you?
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What element are you?

Sure, you know what zodiac sign, and therefore element you are. But who knows? Maybe the stars were wrong... Take this test and find out what element you REALLY are.

Question 1:How energetic are you?
energetic enough.
I'm a live wire!
I'm soooooooooo laid-back

Question 2:Do you like change?
I'll adapt after a while...
No way! I'd rather stay the same, thankyouverymuch.
Oh yes!

Question 3:Is the glass half empty or half full?
half empty, duh.
half full, most definitely.
whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! not that stupid question again!

Question 4:What would you do on a saturday night?
Stay at home, hog the couch, and watch TV. Popcorn, anyone?
Party all night with your other half and your pals.
On a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend in a romantic restaurant.

Question 5:What's your favorite color?
White or brown.
Pastel hues.
Red or black.

Question 6:People would describe you as...

Question 7:You have an argument with your friend. She's stubborn and doesn’t budge. You...
Give in. What's the point in arguing?
Create a compromise. It's only fair.
Stick to your guns. Who cares if this takes forever?

Question 8:Who do you depend on?
My pals.
Me, myself, and I.
My family.

Question 9:You dress...

Question 10:Your crush's locker is right next to yours but you rarely ever see him/her. But one day, he/she suddenly walks towards his/her locker. You...
Talk to him only if he talks to you but keep on giving him discreet glances.
Strike up a conversation and flirt a lot.
Blush into a nasty shade of crimson and bury your head into your locker pretending to look for something until he leaves.

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