Which natural element are you?
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Which natural element are you?

Are you air? Water? Light? Earth? Fire? Find out here!

Question 1:If you went to a party, what would be the first thing you would do?
Talk to someone who appeals to you
Try to find someone you know
Retreat to the corner; keep to yourself
Talk to anyone around you
Make a grand entrance, make sure everyone knows who you are

Question 2:Let's say you and your friends were in a group. What would you do?
Try to make sure no one argues
Immediately take charge
Speak your mind
Not pay much attention
Agree with everyone

Question 3:What's your first thought when you get out of bed?
I don't get out, I leap out!
Fabulous, a beautiful day
Can't wait to see my friends
Sigh....I hope I don't get yelled at
A day like any other day

Question 4:What's your favorite color?

Question 5:What word would best describe you?

Question 6:What city-state in Ancient Greece would you most likely be put in?
Athens, the artistic city
Argos, the adventurous city
Megera, the sensible city
Sparta, the athletic city
Corinth, the sly city

Question 7:If your best friend asked your crush out, how would you react?
I don't care; I don't have a crush
Try to harmonize with your friend
I won't have a best friend who would do that
Think there's other fish in the sea
Get furious and become enemies with your friend

Question 8:Where is your favorite place to be?

Question 9:Trends...What would you do with trends?
Follow them
Find a more comfortable style
Set them
Find an entirely unique style
Dress how I always dress

Question 10:Final one, thank goodness,erm...what would you like to achieve?
World Peace
Control over my temper
Save the rainforest
Everyone I love would be entirely safe
Ruler of the world

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