The Four Elements: Air, Water, Earth or Fire - Which Are You?

Are you in your element? Not sure what your element even IS? Find out now by taking my quiz. Answer the 10 easy questions, and by the end you'll know whether you're as light as Air, as cool as Water, as solid and dependable as Earth or as hot as Fire!

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    Zodiac sign?

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422 days ago
I got air and water but it says that waterโ€™s enemy is air.
So confusing but great test.
429 days ago
I got earth as my closet element but my score wasn't clear. It could also be water,air.andfire
730 days ago
Ayyyyyyyyyy I got water.... nice (idk how I got 0% fire tho, lol)
800 days ago
I got all 4 but my favourite one was earth
824 days ago
they told e i am all four..35 air,30 water,10 fire, 30 earth...omg
879 days ago
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879 days ago
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879 days ago
SO DID ANY OF YOU GUYS TRY IT YET????I want to know! :F
879 days ago
hey guys! Want to try another quiz? Type in the search, HATTIEROANVLOG
879 days ago
879 days ago
omg i tried it again! Now i am 100%fire!!!!
879 days ago
Hi guys! I am 50 % water and 50 % air!!!
879 days ago
uh hi!!!
879 days ago
Also this was really fun i was 40% earth
930 days ago
((I am apparently Air but I feel like Iโ€™m a mix between water and air. Because I read the description of both elements.
953 days ago
REEEEE I GOT ALL OF THEM!!! 30% Air, 30% Fire, 20% Earth, 20% Water
989 days ago
i am mainly fire and my enemy is water so watch out you wet sloppy ness
1025 days ago
oh boy
1068 days ago
fire earth and air
1168 days ago