What's your personality?
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What's your personality?

Find out your personality here on this quiz. TRY IT OUT!

Question 1:If somebody shouted at you, for something that you hadn't done, what would you do?
Burst into tears, and run away.
Explain to them that they were wrong.
Shout back at them, and harass the daylights out of them. Really let them have it!

Question 2:If you were at a party, what would you be wearing?
Something bold and dressy, but bright and captivating.
Something comfortable, casual and trendy.
Long jeans/pants, a long sleeved shirt, and black sneakers.

Question 3:What do you normally eat for lunch??
Burgers, chips, cookies, and lots of junk food.
Normal diet. Meat, rice, pizza......
Diet food. Vegetables, lentils, beans, rice.

Question 4:How many times a day do you shout at people?
All the time! I love doing that!
I'm too shy to do that!
Sometimes, but only when I'm REALLY MAD!

Question 5:How many friends do you have?
Quite a few. We really love each other.
Lots and lots. I always chill out with them.
Not too many. Just one or two.

Question 6:Your thoughts about family are......
I love and respect my family, and they care for me too.
They're tooooooo weird for me!!!!! I much prefer my friends!
I don't really know.........

Question 7:What kind of music do you like?
Calm gentle music.
Classical. (Mozart, Beethoven, etc............)

Question 8:What are your thoughts about school?
I love school. It really occupies me, and I love getting educated, and making friends.
I wouldn't be going if it wasn't for my bugging Mother who keeps nagging!
I like it. It's okay.......

Question 9:In school are you.....
Shy/ignored/gentle kid.
Normal.... Friendly, cheerful, studious
Mean/naughty/dumb kid..

Question 10:What would your friends say about you??
Fun but rude and spoilt.
Shy and away from the rest.
Cheerful, friendly, responsible.

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