"The Find Out What Your True Personality is: Courtesy of an Unapproved Source Test"
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"The Find Out What Your True Personality is: Courtesy of an Unapproved Source Test"

So you've tried all of those other so-called "Personality Tests", and none of them really seemed to fit your actual personality type? Tired of the same-old questions? If so, or even if this is not your case, have I got a test for you! This ten question quiz will ask you a variety of questions to ultimately decide your personality type once and for all! Are you a Lazy Lounger? A Happy Hobo? Take the, "Find Out What Your True Personality is Courtesy of an Unapproved Source" Test and find all of this and more!

Question 1:   You are outside playing basketball, when the phone rings. You go and pick it up. (You later learn that it is a person calling about that contest held on-line that you entered last month.) Lo and behold, you, out of the 25,000 people who entered, won an all-expense paid, seven-day, six-night trip to Hawaii! There is a long pause on the phone before you...
"Cool." You answer as you balance the phone on your neck. You tell him to hang on for a sec, as you are about to shoot a three-pointer.
Hang up. That is so like your brother to pull something like that on you.
Ask the guy some questions. You can never be too careful with these people. They could be trying to cheat you into a timeshare deal, or could even be a crook for all you know.
Scream with joy. You say such things as, "Oh my God!" "I can't believe it!" "Are you sure that I won?" "Thank you so much!", you get all of the information -including the person's phone number- and tell him that you will call him back. You then call all of your friends and tell them how lucky you are.
"Sorry." You apologize to the man, "I'm grounded for the next six months." and you hang up after his reaction. ("Oh.")

Question 2:   Who gets to go with you to Hawaii? (If you can go of course) The man says that only two others can accompany you...
You'll casually slip a question like, "Where would you pick to go on vacation, if you could go anywhere you wanted to?" into conversations with your friends and family, and whoever answers closest to Hawaii, gets to come with you!
One of your parents and a friend.
Two of your very best friends, of course!
Your sibling and your parent. Your parents decided on this arrangement.
Your parents. They need this vacation.

Question 3:   You're stranded on a desert isle. Luckily, before the cruise ship to Hawaii sank, you had just enough time to grab ONLY ONE THING. What was it?
A global positioning system/satellite cell phone. You don't plan on being there for too long.
Your crossbow. Those wild boars better watch their backs!
Nothing. You took way too long deciding what to grab. Who can expect you to decide between your water canteen and your nail polish collection?
Your "Surviving in all Sorts of bad Situations" booklet. "Never leave home without it!"
Your survival pack. You've had this thing packed for months. It's got everything from matches and freeze-dried ice cream, to "just add water" dinners and emergency flares -all in separate waterproof containers!

Question 4:   You're watching T.V. when you notice a movie trailer for what looks like a great movie. Amazingly, it had just come out today! What better thing is there to do on a dull Saturday morning than see a movie? You call up a few of your friends, and they say that their parents would be able to drive them over to the movie theater. After you hang up with your third friend, you realize, -uh oh- you're broke. All of your money went into buying that killer outfit yesterday. (You know, the one that you're wearing right now?) You've had a three-week advance on your allowance, and you have been informed not to ask for any more money. What are you going to do?
What else? You take a chance and borrow ten bucks from your parents, promising to do more work around the house.
"There has been a change of plans." You tell your friends on three-way. "Sleepover @my house tonight! Drinks are on me!" Your parents tell you that this is fine with them.
Whew! Remembering that you have money in your "Rainy Day" stash fund, you look inside of your money jar and find twenty bucks! "Awesome!" Good thing you thought ahead!
A movie? On a Saturday afternoon? No time for a movie! You've got places to go, and people to see!
Money is a little tight right now. You call back your friends and ask if you can go see it some other time.

Question 5:   One of your most favorite things to do in your spare time is:
Play a sport. Any sport.
Read a good book.
Go onto the computer.
"Spare time?" You say. "You've got to be kidding." You're booked up until 2025!
Write something. a play, a script, a story, a note!

Question 6:   Your favorite color is:
Chinese Red

Question 7:   Your favorite animal is the:

Question 8:   Your favorite food is:

Question 9:   Your favorite T.V. show out of the following is:
Whose Line is it Anyway? "Where everything's made up and the points don't matter."
Friends. What an awesome theme song too! (Clap Clap Clap Clap!)
Survivor. Who will be voted off next?
Boy Meets World. Gotta love it!
Days of Our Lives. (Because you don't have one of your own)

Question 10:   Have you seen a trend in your answers? If you had a chance to get a years' subscription to one of these magazines, which one would it be?
Glamorous Girls
On the Go: The Magazine for the Busy Generation
Sports Demonstrated
Same Old Same Old Magazine
Reaching Your Ultimate Goals

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