Personality Test! 😄

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This is a small Personality test that I made myself! It can describe yourself even your best friend!

  • 1
    The Cube
    Imagine you're in a desert, and you see a cube, is it big or small?
  • 2
    What kind of color do you imagine the cube to be?
  • 3
    The Ladder
    Now, imagine there's a ladder, is it leaning on the cube? Or not?

  • 4
    The Horse
    Now, imagine there's a horse what color is the horse?
  • 5
    Does the horse has a saddle or not?
  • 6
    The Storm
    Now, imagine there's a storm is it near the cube or far from the cube?

  • 7
    Is the storm a big one? Or a small one?
  • 8
    Is the storm passing or staying?
  • 9
    The Flower
    Now, imagine there's a flower how many are there?
  • 10
    I'm now calculating the results…
    Do you have anything to say before you know your personality?

  • 11
    Sorry for the wait I'm just asking will you play this quiz again?
  • 12
    Another question! Hey! Don't be annoyed!
    Could you guys at least comment down good stuff cause I don't want any negative responses.……
  • 13
    I'm done with your results! When you see your results your life will change forever!

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116 days ago
was ok. no negative comments from me.
1665 days ago
yay! I am a good friend! :)