What is Your Personality?

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Are you sweet, argumentative, whiny, calm, patient? Find out in this easy quiz! (Remember, this quiz is just for fun, so the results might not be accurate. Don't be offended by your results, and please comment!: D)

  • 1
    You asked your parents if you could go to your best friend's house for a sleepover, but they say no. What is your response?
  • 2
    Your best friend gets invited to an exclusive party by the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately, the party is on the day of your monthly sleepover. What do you say to your friend?
  • 3
    There's a fight in the school cafeteria between the two hottest boys in school. One of them is your crush, but the other boy is your BFF's brother. What do you do?

  • 4
    You and your BFF are trying to decide which movie to watch for your sleepover. You can't agree, so what do you do?
  • 5
    At the science fair, your twin brother gets first place, forcing you into second. What do you do?
  • 6
    Your English teacher gives you a C on your essay. What do you do?

  • 7
    Your sister sticks her tongue out at you, so you do it back. Your mom catches you and gives you a consequence. What is your response?
  • 8
    Your brother steals your favorite book from your bookshelf. What do you do?
  • 9
    You find out that your crush has a crush on your BFF. What do you do?
  • 10
    Last but not least, if your results show that you are argumentative and rude, what would your response be?

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714 days ago
@Amelia, while this quiz might not be 100% accurate, you should still think about why you got those results. Maybe you are a little self-centered. I am too. That doesn't mean that you are that way all the time, but no one is perfect--everyone is self-centered at some point. And listing these great things you have done does not help your case. So check yourself.
733 days ago
I got argumentive, but it was a great test, it really express's my personality
737 days ago
I got neutral but it is like me tho
741 days ago
It says I'm self cantered but I'm not like that when I was hurting my self my friend j was sad so I helped and I spend all my time trying to make my friends happy even if I'm not fine and yes i can be rude but not all the time most of the time im not so sorry but the test was way off
741 days ago
i got neutral. i would say i am probably chaotic neutral (on the d&d lawful good-chaotic evil scale)
934 days ago
Hi, guys, thank you SO much for commenting. I am really sorry if you were hurt by your results. Maya, I am not judging anyone, I promise. For the argumentative results, I even put in that I am argumentative, too! I am really sorry if you guys didn't like this quiz, and just know that all of you are beautiful and kind in many ways, even if you can be rude sometimes. Even those who got the results that you are calm and kind can be rude as well. I am sorry, Maya, that you didn't appreciate this quiz. Have a blessed day, and remember, all of you are beautiful. :D
946 days ago
For question number 5, i dont like science so congrats my bff.
946 days ago
i got: You are pretty argumentative (don't be mad, I am argumentative, too), and sometimes you throw tantrums for no reason. You can be a troublemaker sometimes, but that isn't always bad! You have some nice qualities and will sometimes put others first, but you care about yourself a little too much. Try to lighten up a little and not think everything is unfair! You can do it!
946 days ago
i got: You are calm, patient, and super kind! (YAY!) You almost always put others first, and you are willing to do what others want to do. You obey most of the time, but you can be a little whiny sometimes. Keep up the great work, and try to maintain this attitude!: D
947 days ago
If ur rude, it’s just pointing that out and judging u! 1 Star 😑