What's Your Personality Type?
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What's Your Personality Type?

How many times have you wondered what people think of you? Have you ever wanted to know how you appear to others and if you are one of 'those' types of people? Well now you can find out. Answer each question as honestly as you can and at the end of the quiz the amount of points you have accumulated will correspond to a personality type. Enjoy yourself and remember this is not a formal evaluation, it is just in fun. Now go on, what’s your type!

Question 1:Are you happy with your life so far?
Yes, very happy
No, I wish it were over as quick as possible
There is always room for improvement
Yeah, it's been better than most
Who has time to think about those sorts of things?

Question 2:Are you easily intimidated by others?
Easily? Every where I turn I feel like I need to run away...
In this day and age you wont get anywhere if you are left lurking in the shadows
Not very often, usually only by people who have authority over me, like an employer
I prefer plant life to humans… no association equals no intimidation
I’m too absorbed with myself to think about my reactions to other people

Question 3:What is your relationship with your family like?
I try and see all my family as often as I can
I prefer only to associate with my immediate family
Family? I prefer to think that I don’t have a family
I have been plotting to screw every single one of them over, taking all their assets
I only see them at holidays, like Xmas time

Question 4:How well did you do at school?
I studied hard and earned good grades that got me into higher education
When I actually did go, I usually cut class in the study hall or was smoking on the oval
I just coasted along, letting my natural intelligence earn my above-average grades, whilst I made little or no effort
I was too busy talking to others and making them laugh while I harassed the teachers to worry about my performance… School was the best social place ever!
I only tried in the classes that I enjoyed, like literature, art, drama, music, etc… I rarely went to other classes

Question 5:Say you are in a romantic relationship with another person. How much time do you expect to spend with them?
Every waking moment… When you are smitten, there is never enough time in the day!
Maybe a couple of times a week… and on the phone every second night
Weekends… and maybe a phone call during the week
Never… I would never get myself into any situation involving other people
There are more important things in life than getting involved romantically… Romance distracts you from work and other such priorities

Question 6:How do you feel that others view you?
I am like a god/dess to everyone… People practically worship the ground I walk on
I am a backstabber… I thrive off gossip and rumors
I am shy around people that I don’t know, but I am generally a nice person to know
I am the corporate type, striving to reach the top with all its glory and riches
I am friendly to everyone and I get along well with most people

Question 7:What is your social circle like?
Me, Myself and I… I don’t like people
Work colleagues, people in power… The beautiful people
Constantly changing. I never go out with the same group more than twice in a row
Same ol’ buddies I have grown up with. That way there is a feeling of comfort and no surprises
My family and people from my neighborhood

Question 8:How easily do you trust people?
You can’t trust anyone in this day and age… not even your next door neighbor or member of family
I trust myself, and abuse everyone else’s trust to get what I want
I am too naïve… Unless someone backstabs me I’ll trust them straight away
People have to prove themselves… you can never be too careful with all the psychos around
I make sure everyone knows that they can trust me, and I try to trust everyone… I just never tell anyone any of my secrets unless I KNOW I can trust them

Question 9:What is your idea of fun?
Going through my bank statements to see how much I am worth
Chatting in fantasy chat rooms on the internet… There is nothing quite like pretending to be something/someone you aren’t
A couple of video’s/dvd’s with close friends or family
Going out on the town with some friends
Getting so drunk/wasted that you make yourself sick and can’t remember what happened that night, (because you like it or because it is what your friends expect)

Question 10:What kind of label would you give yourself if you were/are in highschool?

Question 11:Do you still live with your parents?
No, they kicked me out as soon as I turned 18
Yes, I couldn’t bear to part with them… and all my siblings
No, I am off on my own, in a different town, far away… I still come home for holidays though
Yes, milk them for all their worth I say…
No, I have my own little pad which I earned by working hard…

Question 12:If you had one wish, what would it be, (of the following)?
I wish I was the head of my own multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation…
I wish I had a great spouse and fantastic children in a place close to my parents and the rest of my/my spouse’s family…
I wish I had naturally black hair, paler skin and knew how to move inanimate objects with my mind…
I wish that there was world peace…
I wish that I was famous…

Question 13:If you could be one of the following people, who would you be?
Bill Gates
Brittany Speers
Albert Einstein
Hannibal Lector

Question 14:What do you have for breakfast?
Cerial, Toast and a glass of fruit juice
A health smoothie and a diet pill
A cigarette and coffee
Who has time for breakfast?
Bacon and eggs, pancakes, waffles, spaghetti, etc…

Question 15:What is your favorite colour?

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