Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

So you're confused about who you are in this sick and sad world... awww, feel the love. Take this simple quiz and be happy. Smile!

Question 1:What kind of clothes are you into?
Black or dark clothing
Something bright that makes you stand out.
Whatever you feel comfortable in.
Whatever looks cool, or is 'in' ... DUH!
It's not on this list...

Question 2:It's a Saturday night. What are you normally doing, other than breathing and 'living'?
Wherever the 'popular' kids are!
In your room, singing to your favorite song in the mirror.
Writing about your feelings, in your room, alone.
Outside running around, playing a sport, whatever.
Whatever you want to do.

Question 3:Pick what you MOST couldn't live without from this list:
Social Statistics!
My uh, life.
ESPN and MSG baby, they rule!
Broadway plays

Question 4:You hate your name. Hate, hate, hate. What are you changing it to?
Something unique that nobody else would have.
Summer.. that name is so rad.
Whatever word expresses your feelings.
Janet, Maria, or Brianna.

Question 5:Complete this sentence... 'The only thing worth living for is...'
Health and that yummy Powerbar!
The Oscars on channel WHATEVER!!!
Learning to be the best me I can be.
Looking MAD hot (and using phat words!)
Who cares?

Question 6:What's your favorite day of the week?
Saturday (night)
Again, who cares?

Question 7:Your room looks most like which of the following choices?
Painted a light color, with posters showing my interests.
A dark color, and one poster in the whole room of some Pagan symbol.
Whatever YOU think is cool!
I can't describe it, it's just... 'me'.
White, with posters and of course your favorite team's roster posted on your wall!

Question 8:Favorite color:
What's YOUR favorite color?
Something else.

Question 9:Pick what you think about most:
Your image and how others see you.
What you want to do with your life.
That song that's stuck in my head.
Your favorite piece of literature.

Question 10:Yawn... you've only got 2 more questions to go in this test... how are you feeling right now?
Hopeful... I'll learn something new about myself.
Blank, as usual.
Happy, because I can tell everyone what I got!
Excited, I can't wait to see what I get!
Tired... you stayed up way too late last night.

Question 11:What's your ideal career?
Haven't really thought about it.
Anything that will allow me to change people's lives.
Something really cool where I can have my own fan club!
Don't care.
Something that will allow me to express myself.

Question 12:Which of these is most like your screen name?
(yourname)starlette(your favorite number)
Something else.

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