Who are You Inside?
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Who are You Inside?

Whatever happened to the old saying "it's what on the inside that counts"? No one ever goes by that anymore. Here's what you might be.

Question 1:You find the shirt of your dreams on vacation. When you come back, every one of your best buds has one just like it. You
get the sewing kit out.
feel weird but wear it.
wear it but chew them out

Question 2:Sometimes you think about
guys. Or girls.
ruling the universe.
being happy.

Question 3:If you were an animal you'd be a(n)
kitty- cuuuute!
dragon- you don't see these everyday
bug but not butterfly- they are sooo misunderstood. What's it like to be one?

Question 4:You go home and
call up your buds.
go for a walk
work on your underground newspaper

Question 5:You would rather
invent something
be famous

Question 6:If you ruled the universe,
you'd give up your throne. Anarchy!
people would be okay
war would be illegal

Question 7:At parties you
hang out and flirt.
help out, talk to everyone
dress up in a costume and dance

Question 8:You try to dress
in clothes you made
how your friends dress

Question 9:What's your cause?

Question 10:Life on Earth
is nice
would be cool if we would stop killing it.
sux. When's the next space shuttle?

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