Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

No really - have you ever wondered who you really are? if so then this test is just for you!

Question 1:If you could be any animal....any at all - then what would you be?
WOLF... desolate, intelligent, cunning.
UNICORN... pure, gentle, thoughtful.
TIGER... passionate, predatory, powerful.
DOLPHIN... playful, clever, creative.

Question 2:Which season do you feel most at home in?
SPRING... fresh, new, delicate.
SUMMER... bright, interesting, joyful.
WINTER... cold, empty, haunting.
AUTUMN... colourful, changing, inspiring.

Question 3:Your ideal job would be which of the following?
a PSYCHIATRIST who helps people with problems.
a SPY for the secret service.
a SINGER in the charts.
an AUTHOR of many racy novels.

Question 4:Which of these lyrics do you like the most?
~I fake it so real I am beyond fake~
~Some day you will ache like I ache~
~I want to be the (guy/girl) with the most cake~
~I love him so much it just turns to hate~

Question 5:Who is your Hero?
One of the actors or celebrities of our time. (eg. Britney, Brad Pitt.)
a troubled rock star who committed suicide. (eg. Kurt Cobain.)
Hero? Yourself of course! (your just so great)
Some one in History who made such a difference. (eg. Shakespeare.)

Question 6:Which of these is a colour that you love... really love?
RED... sensual.
BLACK... deep.
BLUE... calming.
WHITE... innocent.

Question 7:What’s your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Read/write poetry.
Party! and then party some more!
Listen to music.
Hang out with friends.

Question 8:Which of the seven deadly sins are you most likely to be guilty of?
LUST... you naughty boy ;)
GLUTTONY... just one more icecream!
ENVY... old green eyes!
SLOTH... mr laziness :)

Question 9:How many friends do you really have?
Mostly all people of the opposite sex who love me ;)
Many many friends who I like so much :)
Loads of people I hang out with but a few close friends.
Almost none... I'm a loner.

Question 10:Finally - would you say you are a people person?
Not really... I prefer to be alone.
Yes... everyone thinks I’m nice.
I guess... never thought about it.
Yeah... everyone fancies me.

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