Who are you?
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Who are you?

Ever wondered what kind of person others see you as?

Question 1:   A new student at school, and he/she's in your class! You:
Don't always notice what's going on, but get wide-eyed if they get good grades.
Watch to see if they're cool, funny and sporty.
Check if they're cute, and take them under your wings for a while at least.
Invite them to the next party, and get to know their dance moves.
Giggle with your friends about their style, hair, or if they're cute, try to snag them.

Question 2:   What's your favourite pastime?
Partying, of course! What else?
Reading, studying or doing things on the computer.
Doing sports, hanging out with guys, having fun.
Spending time with the girls, enjoying yourself to the fullest.
Catching drinks with your entourage and talking about everyone else.

Question 3:   End of year play. You are:
Analyzing the work put into making it.
On stage in the main male roles, or cheering from the seats.
Getting everyone excited, and probably on the stage, entertaining unofficially before the curtain opens.
On stage in the main female roles, clapping, or introducing the play.
Saying how this could have done better, he forgot his lines, she wore a dress that didn't suit her at all.

Question 4:   Your favourite subject at school is?
Mathematics or Science.
Any time you can gossip.
Dance, Sport, English.
Dance, when it isn't ballroom.

Question 5:   How do you see yourself?
Sporty, funny and cool.
Cute, smart, cool.
Great dancer.
Better than anyone else.

Question 6:   What do you see yourself as, when you have a job?
CEO of a major company.
Reporter with a huge salary getting the meanest gossip on the stars.
Sports competitor.
Organizer of events.

Question 7:   New teacher comes in, and you:
Keep on snickering with your friends, generally about the teacher.
Stay sitting on your place as usual.
Keep on chatting, but get quieter.
Stay rowdy as usual, and probably get thrown out of class.
Keep on laughing with your friends, but not about the teacher.

Question 8:   Summer is around the corner. The most important thing is:
Partying non-stop.
Packing for a summer camp where you learn new things.
Getting trimmed, and pretty for skirts/shorts/bikinis.
Looking forward to laughing about all the people who look so bad in bathing suits.
Making sure you are fit and training a lot.

Question 9:   Your marks are:
Very good.
Good enough.
Through the floor.
Through the ceiling.

Question 10:   On your report, your teachers write about you, that:
You need to pipe down a bit/lot.
They wish they could see you in class more often.
You are a lively and fun guy.
You are a lively and fun girl.
Your school skills are outstanding.

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