Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

Find out the type of person you really are, based on your personality, preferences, and lifestyle in general.

Question 1:   First of all, chose your favorite selection of colors.
Bright blue, bright green, yellow, red...cheerful colors.
BRIGHT bright reds, purples, pinks, oranges, yellows- all that!
Darker shades- black, gray, gray-blue, purple

Question 2:   You are at a party. Describe where you are.
Talking with a bunch of my friends, maybe making some new ones.
In the center of attention. On the table. Dancing. YAY!
Alone. Or with one or two close friends. Actually I wouldn't be at a party anyways....

Question 3:   Where do you wish you could live?
Umm....a cave....or a dungeon....away from all these PEOPLE!
Somewhere bright and lively- like Vegas or LA!
One of those cool ultra-modern houses that let a lot of light inside!

Question 4:   Someone gives you $100 (for any reason). What do you do with the money?
I put it in the bank....and it's not coming out.
I either put it in the bank or donate it to charity! That's the best way!
Spend it on one wild night at the nearest *ahem* place...

Question 5:   You're driving along when suddenly some inconsiderate person cuts you off. You then...
Stick your head out the window and scream obscenities!
Try to get an apology! That was rude but we should still act civil towards each other!
Drive on as if nothing had happened, but take down the offender's license plate number for *future reference*...

Question 6:   What's your favorite food?
Assuming that I eat?
All that exotic stuff- cajun, chinese, japanese, mexican- ANYTHING UNUSUAL!
Hamburgers...pizza...normal stuff.

Question 7:   What image do you try to project based on what others say you're like? (Be HONEST!)
Shy and sweet.
Optimist- the leader.

Question 8:   What do you hear most often?
Tone it down!
Speak up!
Good job!

Question 9:   What's your style of dress?
Normal clothes I guess...all black or grey.
Normal clothes (jeans, T-shirt); maybe dressing up for special events.
UNIQUE! I love to wear cool/retro/foreign clothes that make me stand out!

Question 10:   Lastly...what is your dream?
To live a full and happy life!
To...stay alive? To live?
To live it up, to the max!

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