Could you survive in the wilderness?
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Could you survive in the wilderness?

Have you ever wondered how "wild smart" you are? Find out!

Question 1:You had planned to go hiking with your buds, but they cancelled. You.....
Plunge into the woods after yelling at your pals
Complain and head to the park to get some nature
Forget it. No way are you hiking alone.

Question 2:You ended up out in the woods and stuck helpless in the top of a tree, do to a dare. You are way out, where no one can see or here you. You...
Jump. It's not too far!
Scream. Someone will hear you...right?
Shimmy down as carefully as possible.

Question 3:You get stuck with your little bro & sis. It's a beautiful day, so you.......
Take the kids to the park.
Drag the little ones to a desolate's fun!
Open the window and pop in "The Little Mermaid"

Question 4:The weather outside is terrible, but you signed up today for a walk for some charity. You...
Go, and offer to leave early to prepare hot chocolate and cookies for everyone.
Cuddle up with a cup of coco and claim sick.
Pluge out. Fun, fun, fun!

Question 5:You get out early from school. The weather is okay, a little cold. You...
Beeline for the walking paths at the park.
Walk the long way home and head to the patio to read up on whales and other endangered animals.
Head straight for your best friend's house for a manicure/makeover.

Question 6:You are asked to make snacks for your little sister's hiking group. You...
Work for hours on a huge, delicious snack.
Toss some animal crackers and juice boxes in a picnic basket.
Make some yummy trail mix.

Question 7:You managed a trip with your family to the beach. Your plans are...
To fly to the shops there. New swimsuit, new jeans, new top....
Learn to scubadive.
Check out the woods there. And go alone, no need for lil bro along.

Question 8:You favorite dinner is....
Who cares?!
Something exotic, and delicious.
Hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire.

Question 9:You have never...
Spent more than 2 hours outside.
Been outside late at night.
Never? Well....

Question 10:You just sat for awhile taking this quiz. Your feelings are....
Can't wait to find out how I did!
Can't wait to take that quiz on beauty i.q.
Can't wait to go out!

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