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Can you survive the desert?

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Can you survive the desert, so hot in the day and so cold at night?

  • 1
    You are on vacation near the Sahara Desert. While on a hike, you lost your group. You have a small backpack with a bottle, a blanket, matches, and some food. You:
  • 2
    Your on your way, hiking, and your pretty Hungry. You could pick from somethings, but the picking are small:
  • 3
    It’s starting to get dark! You need to get to a warm, safe place before the temperature drops! You:

  • 4
    During your time in the desert, would you pray that nothing would go wrong and ask God for help?
  • 5
    The next day, you see something blue and long in the distance. You hit your head to make sure you aren’t hallucinating-but you arn’t! It’s the Nile River!
  • 6
    You come across a higher hill with a hard rock running down one side. Getting to the top, you see no sign of civilization. Just as you were about to climb down, you see it. A scorpion!

  • 7
    Can you hunt?
  • 8
    Do you know most edible plants?
  • 9
    Last question, then one more Role Play: did you like the quiz?
  • 10
    Last RP: rattle rattle! It’s a rattlesnake at the bottom of the hill! You:

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790 days ago
Survived survived, Woo Woo ! Lusty, I don't believe you.
1273 days ago
fun, but don't you stop the ground while backing away slowly? If you see a snake I mean.
1488 days ago
I am going to be completely honest, none of you guys would survive. I would build shelter higher from ground. I would use my resources only when needed, and I would've walked the way I came from if I got lost.
1573 days ago
I died because I didn't pray what this is garbage.
1595 days ago
1632 days ago
60 percent aghhhhhh woop woop
1698 days ago
Yeah I can!I mean, of course!
1704 days ago
I survived! Nice quiz.
1705 days ago
I personally got ‘Yes!’