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A very Sussy Quiz

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You are onboard the skeld, a bit like the Among Us game, but you are actual people, in spacesuits. But there is an imposter somewhere and he/she has a good urge to stab everyone. Will you make it?

  • 1
    So, you are aboard the skeld and flying to Polus. What is your job as a crewmate?
  • 2
    Choose a colour suit
  • 3
    So, you are running around and doing tasks, but then you see a crocodile running down to the reactor, your reaction?

  • 4
    So you and a few more crew mates tackle the beast and eject it.Choose another task
  • 5
    Look! A Minecraft ender rod poker! Poor sheep ... will you help him?
  • 6
    Someone turned the lights off! You run about in the dark then tumble over. But a figure sees to be going better than you all.

  • 7
    You are all eating pizza in the cafeteria now, when red orders mayonnaise on his slice! Should you investigate?
  • 8
    So, you are rewiring electrical equipment when you see brown clamber out of the vent. He sees you and explains he is an engineer, he has his tool kit as proof. Do you let him go?
  • 9
    Regardless of what you chose, you let him go, that is when someone turned off gravity!(even though it isn't the game)how will you move?
  • 10
    Someone manages to turn gravity on again when yellow comes in and says she saw red pull the trigger for gravity! She's an honest girl.

  • 11
    So you all continue to run about.
  • 12
    Then you are all called to an emergency meeting! Yellow was found, face down in a pool of blood! Green reported the body
  • 13
    Eventually,only purple is ejected because he is spamming in the chat/speech
  • 14
    Your swiping your card at Admin when you glimpse rose posing at the doorway(a bit odd)she is quite curvy and has long blonde hair
  • 15
    Then orange comes in too.She is quite plump,has wide hips and long brown hair.Who will you choose?
  • 16
    I would have chosen orange myself, so you and your partner make your way along the corridor together when the ship gives a violent jolt. Wall panels shake, crew mates shout and containers burst (and the gravity comes off again)how will you and your partner make it?

  • 17
    The ship is out of control! It's falling to Polus! How will you escape?
  • 18
    The skeld has entered upper atmosphere! But there's red! He has a knife and a jetpack!
  • 19
    Red is thrown through a vent and burns up in the atmosphere,how do you live now?
  • 20
    Regardless of what you chose,you both survive and land on Polus. What now?

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