Does Your Personality Reveal Your Zodiac Sign?
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Does Your Personality Reveal Your Zodiac Sign?

There are twelve different zodiac signs, subdivided into four elements (water, air, fire, and earth). Each question will test your compatibility to each zodiac sign.

Question 1:The first thing that your boss tells you is...
I'm my own boss. Forget that imbecile.
Total crap. I do whatever the hell I want.
Going to be done eventually. After a couple of Prozac pills.
Important. Still trying to get noticed.

Question 2:Money is...
A social status decider.
The root of all evil.
Necessary to make a decent living.
Funny when you burn it.

Question 3:Let's say you're the nicest person on earth. Suddenly, somebody decides to throw a rock in your face for fun. You...
Stab them. It's their fault.
But I'm nice.... it's okay. They'll die soon.
Decide niceness is an exception today and yell at them. Maybe throw a bigger rock.
Beat the crap out of them with a baseball bat.

Question 4:Home is...
Where I cry.
A place that constrains me from the actual world. It's just there to sleep in.
Where all my parties occur.
My only escape from the world.

Question 5:You win a shopping spree for some reason. You...
Buy a whole bunch of cool, unique stuff for yourself that makes your friends feel jealous.
Buy something you can actually USE, like a book or a frying pan.
Grab your friends and buy a whole bunch of clothes and games and the like.
Give it to a poor child in Africa. Because you're such a loser.

Question 6:The light goes out. You...
Get somebody else to fix it. You have no time for these petty details.
The light went out?
Throw it out. It's God's now.
Take the time to buy a new lightbulb and check the wiring, and then screw it in.

Question 7:An argument should be resolved by...
A mediator who can give a fair decision to both.
Crying. That'll get 'em to feel sorry for me. It always works!
Slapping and threatening them so they can be quiet.
Just keeping quiet.

Question 8:Sex is...
The only thing you feel comfortable doing.

Question 9:To free yourself from everybody, you'd...
Lock yourself in your house. Makes sense.
Go to the beach or a balcony and watch things, thinking.
Scare people off by shoving a lighter in their face and laughing maniacally.
Commit suicide.

Question 10:The most important part of a job is...
Being talked to.
Getting money.
Being boss.
Being happy.

Question 11:What type of person describes you the best?
Go with the flow
Too sentimental for my own good.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Fire? FIRE? Burn! Fire? Fire. Burn! Die, Burn, Fire!!!!

Question 12:A good dream is one where you...
Win the lottery
Get laid
Are finally successful and happy
Do things you can get arrested for in real life

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