Which zodiac sign are you really?

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Everyone gets their zodiac sign based on when they were born but which zodiac sign really matches your personality?
Take this test to find out..

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    How would your friends describe you?

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163 days ago
guys... this quiz isnt to guess your zodiac sign. its to figure out which zodiac sign matches you personality not your b day. hiope this helped
217 days ago
i got capricorn but im aquerius and everyone says i match all the aquerius traits but idk maybe this quiz is not accuret
279 days ago
I got Aquarius Linda or cancer but I'm scorpio
279 days ago
Ignore that
279 days ago
I was born on November 12 2011
400 days ago
since WHEN is a scorpio 'loving' or 'helpful'?!
436 days ago

You are a typical earth sign. You are ambitious, smart, reliable and loyal, but also stubborn and you sometimes find it difficult to adapt to new situations. You love food and the process of making it. You see situations realistically and always know what to do. Your friends always come to you when they need advice, because they know you're always right.

This is so true. I am Capricorn 100%. I am on the cusp though because my birthday is January 20th. So I choose whether I want to be Capricorn or Aquarius. Hehe. I am really pessimistic and I am hard working, shy, practical, and nosey......anyways, yeah 100000000000000000000000% Capricorn and 10% Aquarius but I find it cool that I get to choose which one I am. January 20th rules!
454 days ago
I got gemini libra sag scorpio and pisces, but im a virgo!
482 days ago
I got Gemini/Libra/Aquarius. Iā€™m a Cancer though?
551 days ago
i got cancer/scorpio/pisces, im pisces
582 days ago
Cancer,Scorpio or Pieces

Pieces,Great quiz though!
My big brother is a sag but Pieces and sag are enimes (bad grammar)
674 days ago
Result: Scorpio/Pisces/Cancer

I am a Scorpio.

I would say I am more of a Pisces because sometimes I can be too sensitive and moody, but I deeply care a lot for others. Good quiz! :) I loved it!
682 days ago
Result: Aries/Leo/Sagittarius

I am actually Capricorn.

689 days ago

You got it right I'm a CANCER ā™‹!!! And TBH I probably don't act much like anything else but a cancer lol!! My family and my friends say so too lol!!šŸ˜‚ I'm sooooo emotional lol.
717 days ago
I got water, true ... i'm a pisces

You are a typical water sign. You are loving, helpful, family-oriented and you are always there for everyone, but you are also moody and take a lot too personal. You love your friends and family above all else, you are a very empathetic person and you feel uncomfortable in large crowds.
718 days ago
I got aries leo and sagittarius but I'm a libra aaa y does everyone think I'm a leo
724 days ago
gemini im a gemini
726 days ago
So true I am a Gemini
735 days ago
I am F I R E.So true I am a Sagittarius...:)
736 days ago
nvm im air i just saw now :P