Pretty Accurate Zodiac quiz

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I am going to do my best to guess your zodiac sign based on your personality. This won't be 100% accurate but I will try my best.

  • 1
    You were born in what month?
  • 2
    Your friends would describe you as?
  • 3
    Someone in front of you in a store is old and slow. You ___?

  • 4
    You are in a zombie apocalypse. You ___?
  • 5
    What job would you want to have most?
  • 6
    Where in the world would you travel?

  • 7
    If you could have any animal in the world, what would it be?
  • 8
    In school, you ___?
  • 9
    At home you ____?
  • 10
    You go to bed at ___?

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2 days ago
mine was pretty accurate lol
86 days ago
did the test just say fire sign for everyone ._.
200 days ago
That was waaaaaaaay off
I'm a Taurus not a fire sign
437 days ago
oof. sorry about that caroline.
437 days ago
I’m a Gemini but the quiz said I was a fire sign (Aries,Sagittarius,Leo). So this was not accurate for me
437 days ago
Yay I'm glad it worked
437 days ago
You have the personality of a fire sign! (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius!) You are competitive, energetic, and loyal

Omg I did not think this was going to be accurate I am an Aries omg this is so good
438 days ago
This was great and was accurate! :D
438 days ago
Hi Libra Scorpio! I'm so glad you liked my quiz! I felt like there weren't enough zodiac sign quizzes so I made one myself. I do remember taking a quiz by your mom I think. Thank you for the rating, I just want to make a more accurate quiz to help people. Bye!
439 days ago
Hi Sea Goat! You saw me in the other quiz, right? The one by Your Mom? Okay, uh, never mind. Anyway, you were actually correct, and I think more people should comment on this quiz! In some other zodiac quizzes I’ll inform more people about your quiz. I’ll rate it five stars, and I hope you get a lot of people on your quiz! I’ll check to see if you have anymore quizzes sometime. Okay now I’m going to go because I’m acting like a Virgo even though I only have, like, one or two planets in Virgo. By the way my quiz name is Spirit if you want to see any of my quizzes (they’re kind of bad) but I will do a zodiac quiz sometime (I don’t know when, I just got inspired) though. Okay, bye!
445 days ago
I made this quiz and I hope you found it entertaining! please rate this quiz if you enjoyed it so I can keep making more!