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17 days ago
I'm thinking of watching Friday the 13th. Hey, by the way my dad thinks the guy that I have a crush on is lame because he doesn't speak to me. But I understand my crush 'cause it's uncomfortable talking to someone you like like.
Dad:That guy's lame, he has no game plan. He should talk to you. He should be the one chasing you, don't chase him.
Me: Um, yeah.*cough* IrellylikehimbutI don'tthinkhelikesmesowhy wouldhe chasemeifhedosentlikeme *cough*
Dad:Did you say somthing?
Me:What no, I mean I TOTALLY agree eith you dad, yup.
(Later in my room)
From the hallway
Dad:Hey, did you just sigh???!!!
... The story of my life.
18 days ago
I love horror movies. Sinister, Incidious The Conjuring, It, The Grudge, The Ring, Phycos. U name it I've seen it. Tell me if you guys have any suggestions for my next horror binge
21 days ago
Yass I love them! They're amazing
28 days ago
Hello, my name is CrazyHeart (not my real name). I don't have a boyfriend, but I ahve lots of crushes- except one of them is a girl. Right, i am bi and my parents think it's dumb to be in love with the same "sex" and it makes me mad. I will be who i wanna be, i say, and then i get in trouble for talking back. I mean, they are kind of being homophobes. Anyone have advice for me?
37 days ago
Hello , uh my name is Niya Ann . I like wrestling . A lot . I also like boyish behaviour . My family says that girls should be girls , and it would be a disgrace if girls were like boys . But i have my own beehaviour , and they cant do anything bout it ! if i want to be a tomboy , i'll be one !
38 days ago
omggggg @Tina im ugly affffff. join the club!
38 days ago
I'm in middle school, and I'm in 6th grade UnU T.T I'm an ugly women TnT ToT =,}
38 days ago
I'm 11 UnU and I'm proud
57 days ago
tbh idk lol 13 14 15 16
58 days ago
And this is what?
63 days ago
I like to find out who I like thank you
64 days ago
anyone know the dream team? like dream george and sapnap? if you dont i highly recomend checking them out
64 days ago
66 days ago
I am 13 too young?
67 days ago
how old are all of you?
71 days ago
bf = boyfriend is name is preston
71 days ago
My bf basically 💔up with me 😭😢
71 days ago
If any one needs a girlfriend, im free
71 days ago
OK Jacob if you need to talk im the one
71 days ago
Jacob u ok let me know if u aren't im here for everyone u know right? Just message back?