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Innocence is a virtue...or was that patience? Anyway, since you're here checking out quizzes about innocence (and whether or not you, personally, are innocent), we're assuming you're probably a girl. Funny, isn't it, that innocence seems to matter in the case of females (especially young ones), but not usually for males (not above age 4 or 5, anyway).
The internet dictionary defines innocence as "the state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense." That's a pretty tall order! Can anyone who has a pulse claim to be truly innocent? Everyone has done something wrong in their lives - keeping a library book, perhaps, or pinching a few sugar packets from a restaurant.
In any case, if you're still reading, you probably still want to know whether you're innocent or not. Our "Are You Innocent?" section has quizzes that aim to give you an answer! Titles include, "How Innocent Are You, Really?" and "How Innocent Am I?" There's even a quiz to help you find out how likely you are to go to heaven (in case you were wondering!). Try some quizzes now!

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How Innocent Are You Really?

How Innocent Are You Really?

How innocent/pure are you?

How Innocent Are You?

Are you pure/innocent?

How innocent are you really?

How innocent am I?

Will you go to Heaven?

How Innocent Are You?

Are you Innocent?

Will you break your abstonance?

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