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Are you half tiger?

Are you a deer?

Are You A Chicken (Animal) At Heart?

Are you a Fish?

Are you a cat or a dog?

Zoo Animals

Have you ever thought you are a dinosaur?

Are you Rabid?


Do You Have Cat In You?

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500 days ago
So yea, I've been surfin' along these forums for sometime now and man o' man, wheres the goll dang bird tests?? The fish and cat personality quizzes really were a nice touch, but I just don't know who I am if I it isn't for a feathered fowl. Please, someone save me from my identity crisis.
yours truley,
I wanna be a bird.
1386 days ago
Make a horse test. Call it "How Much Horse Do You Have In You?" And it needs to be good. The rabies test was bad but I want the horse test to be good.