Purity tests

There is another way to test yourself - to find out how pure you are. Are you a beginner in love matters or a sex god? Are you very naughty or ultimately modest? Do you behave decently or a very mean person? Further, by taking the tests on this page you can see if you are completely obsessed with Internet, your favorite pop-idol or one of the popular books, comics or movies. It cannot be simpler - by clicking 'yes' or 'no' and therewith choosing one of the answers you will know the truth about yourself in almost no time. Recommended for those who like short and clear questions and answers.

We ALL have an obsession. Hopefully we have more than just one! Have a look at these purity tests and find out what yours are - and maybe even get intrigued to develop some nice, new ones!

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33 days ago
weeeeee end of primary school eeeeeeee
50 days ago
no reply? sad times haha
51 days ago
hey i assume this is a chat
59 days ago
61 days ago
Hello bye lol
225 days ago
zero per cent.
226 days ago
I am Super confused as well
263 days ago
im confused on whats going on in this chat TwT
310 days ago
i know youre lonely its ok
314 days ago
l want another about me quiz but cant find any
324 days ago
374 days ago
429 days ago
hi maddison can we talk
458 days ago
hello armygirll the way you treated me is disgusting I cant believe you did that to me
460 days ago
@ Your local pansexual Unnlecorn
my bias wrecker is J-hope
463 days ago
J-hooooooooooooooope AND SPRITE
614 days ago
631 days ago
641 days ago
If anyone has relationship advice, please tell me! This boy likes me and I like him to but he's scared to ask me out cause he isn't sure that I like him... What do I do
680 days ago
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