Are you a Fish?
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Are you a Fish?

Ever wondered whether or not you are a fish? Well, this is the place to find out...

Question 1:Do you like swimming?
Question 2:Can you breathe under water?
Question 3:Do you eat worms?
Question 4:Do you like the taste of worms?
Question 5:Do you have scales?
Question 6:Are you scared of fishing nets/hooks?
Question 7:Is your name Bubbles, Sharky, Fishy, Splash ...?
Question 8:Would you say that you are obsessed with fish?
Question 9:Do you sometimes just spontaneously say the word 'Fish' just for the fun of it?
Question 10:Do you say it REALLY loud?
Question 11:Do you SHOUT IT OUT LOUD?
Question 12:Do you have any pet fish?
Question 13:Can you communicate with the fish?
Question 14:Do the fish talk to you?
Question 15:Do you believe that your friends and family are fish?
Question 16:Do people sometimes think that you are a fish?
Question 17:Do you think of fish a lot?
Question 18:Are you completely against eating fish?
Question 19:When you go to the fish counter at a supermarket do you believe that the fish are just asleep?
Question 20:Do you wonder why fish sleep on ice?
Question 21:And why they sleep in tins?
Question 22:Is God a fish?
Question 23:Were you a fish in a previous life?
Question 24:Do you spend most of your money on fish related merchandise?
Question 25:Are your enemies cats, sharks and fishermen?
Question 26:Are you offended by people who wear bright yellow plastic raincoats?
Question 27:Have you ever got tangled up in a bit of net?
Question 28:Are you finding it difficult answering these questions because your fins keep slipping off the mouse?
Question 29:Do you sleep with your eyes open?
Question 30:Would you consider yourself to be attractive?

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