Are you Rabid?
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Are you Rabid?

Should you be stuck with tranquilizers or quarantined before you go off biting someone? (Please note this is not a test about vampires) Well, this is the quiz for you. (Please seek medical help if actually dangerous)

Question 1:Have you played with your pet raccoon in the past 24 hours?
Question 2:Do you find that occasionally a bite mark will turn up on your own arm?
Question 3:Other's arms?
Question 4:Do you find joy in watching the Three Stooges?
Question 5:Do you live in Canada?
Question 6:Do you like fudge?
Question 7:Does your usual ritual of finding food in the fridge seem tedious, so you roam about outside and maim innocent bunnies (with floppy ears and twitchy little noses?)
Question 8:Do you find you have a shortage of friends because of sudden disappearances?
Question 9:Do you remember where you were on June 8th 1988??? DO YOU?!
Question 10:Were you killing someone?
Question 11:Have you ever put a fork in the microwave?
Question 12:A Spoon??
Question 13:Did your preparations for 2000 include building a bomb shelter and buying creamed corn to last you for a decade?
Question 14:Do you have a brother named Matt?
Question 15:Is your name Matt? (We hope not)
Question 16:Are you "Whipped?"
Question 17:Can I get a Whoot-Whoot?
Question 18:Do you hate Linkin Park?
Question 19:Are you sure?
Question 20:Are you a Pimp?
Question 21:It is true that everybody was kung-fu fighting?
Question 22:Is this the twenty second question?
Question 23:Do you actually think you have rabies?
Question 24:Is that why you took this quiz?
Question 25:You're not a moron, are you?
Question 26:As a baby, was your first word "pen!$?"
Question 27:How about "rabies"?
Question 28:Do you know what rabies are?
Question 29:At this point of the quiz are you bored as heck?
Question 30:Forizzle my nizzle?

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