How Innocent Are You?
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How Innocent Are You?

Find out if you are truly an angel as you make yourself to be in front of other people.

Question 1:Have you held hands with someone other than a relative or friend
Question 2:Kissed someone?
Question 3:...Of the opposite sex?
Question 4:...And not your dog?
Question 5:Hugged someone?
Question 6:...Of the opposite sex?
Question 7:...With intentions?
Question 8:...Longer than 10 minutes?
Question 9:...Did you smell their hair?
Question 10:Have you lay in a bed with another person?
Question 11:...With clothes off?
Question 12:...Under the sheets?
Question 13:...Did you do anything apart from sleep?
Question 14:...Did you have sex with them?
Question 15:...And enjoy it?
Question 16:Have you ever touched yourself?
Question 17:...With a foreign object?
Question 18:...With someone’s foreign object?
Question 19:...Were ice blocks involved?
Question 20:...Did you scream?
Question 21:Have you ever lied?
Question 22:...intentionally?
Question 23:...did it hurt someone?
Question 24:...physically?
Question 25:...were you locked in your room for a year?
Question 26:Have you ever stolen anything?
Question 27:...intending to piss someone off?
Question 28:...did it work?
Question 29:...did you ever give it back?
Question 30:...did you sell it?
Question 31:...did you smash it up? or burn it to smitherines?
Question 32:Have you ever hurt someone?
Question 33:...physically?
Question 34:...mentally?
Question 35:...burnt their house down?
Question 36:Have you ever taken revenge on someone you loved/hated?
Question 37:...because they ignored you?
Question 38:...because they stole your partner?
Question 39:...because they dance better than you?
Question 40:Have you ever taken any drugs.(alcohol, cigarettes and other) just to see what it was like?
Question 41:...did you enjoy it?
Question 42:...did you ever end up in hospital?
Question 43:...are you addicted?
Question 44:Do you think I’m ugly?
Question 45:Would you like me to be your friend?
Question 46:Do you own anything off the black market? (stolen goods)
Question 47:...did you know they were stolen?
Question 48:...did you keep them anyway?
Question 49:Have you ever been charged or gone to jail?
Question 50:...are you taking this quiz behind bars?

This Quiz has been designed by Black_Halo.