Naughty Test

How naughty are you? Do you like to get your freak on with anybody? Let's find out!

Question 1:Have you ever had a one night stand?
Question 2:Have you ever given or received the "saw"?(2 in the pink)
Question 3:Have you ever given or received the "shocker"? (2 in the pink, 1 in the stink)
Question 4:Have you ever given oral sex?
Question 5:Have you ever received oral sex?
Question 6:Have you ever swallowed semen or had your semen swallowed?
Question 7:Did you like it?
Question 8:Have you ever given or received anal sex?
Question 9:Have you ever fingered the anus of your partner?
Question 10:Have you ever received or given a Dirty Sanchez?
Question 11:Has a co-worker ever made you aroused?
Question 12:Have you ever masturbated at work?
Question 13:Do you masturbate more than 3 times a week?
Question 14:Have you ever given or received "highway head"?
Question 15:Have you ever licked or had your anus licked?
Question 16:Did you enjoy it?
Question 17:Have you had sex with more than 1 person in a 24 hour period?
Question 18:Have you ever had sex during that time of the month?
Question 19:Have you ever given or received oral sex during that time of the month?
Question 20:Have you ever masturbated with your partner?
Question 21:Have you ever given or received a pearl necklace?
Question 22:Have you ever give or received a Cleveland Steamer?
Question 23:Have you ever got hit in the face with semen?
Question 24:Do you enjoy the taste of semen or vaginal fluids?
Question 25:Have you ever fooled around with the same gender?
Question 26:Have you ever used a vibrator during sex?
Question 27:Have you ever used some type of food during sex?
Question 28:Do you like your nipples pinched?
Question 29:Have you ever performed or received a Tea Bag?
Question 30:Have you ever farted during sex?
Question 31:Have you ever used ky jelly to get something large in your anus?
Question 32:Do you enjoy golden showers?
Question 33:Have you ever performed a sex act with a co-worker?
Question 34:Do you fantasize about co-workers?
Question 35:Have you masturbated to orgasm over a co-worker?
Question 36:Have you ever fisted or been fisted?
Question 37:Have you ever used your feet to bring a partner to orgasm?
Question 38:Have you ever been tied up?
Question 39:Have you ever tied a partner up?
Question 40:Did you ever go to a bar for the sole purpose of getting laid?
Question 41:Have you ever been aroused at work by naughty talk?
Question 42:Do you ever flirt with co-workers for the sole intention of getting them aroused?
Question 43:Do you flirt with co-workers for your own arousal?
Question 44:Have you ever had an agreement with someone to have sex and never discuss it again?
Question 45:Do you like porn?
Question 46:Ever used porn to help pleasure yourself?
Question 47:Ever had an orgasm from someone using only their hands?
Question 48:Ever taste your own semen/vaginal fluid?
Question 49:Did you like it?
Question 50:Are you a horny bastard?

This Quiz has been designed by Dave.