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Are you dirty minded? -Middle School-

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My school is bad, so this could be extreme or maybe not enough. It's all about the thoughts honey

  • 1
    Have you ever had a "good dream" you know what I mean
  • 2
    Has someone ever said a normal sentence like "just do it" and you think something dirty
  • 3
    Do you ever say that someone is cute or hot or bangable or not?
  • 4
    Do you think you're dirty minded
  • 5
    Ever like someone so bad that regular things they do are dirty or you make it
  • 6
    Do you think you're innocent
  • 7
    Do you tell your friends stuff about this person that you thought of and it wasn't too innocent
  • 8
    How dirty minded do you think you are?
  • 9
    Are your jokes constantly centered around dirty thoughts
  • 10
    Ever been called dirty minded?

Comments (44)


40 days ago
im 12 and had it 0_0
137 days ago
Hi. I just love all you dirty, nasty, 🦄 middle school girls. You are hot and sexy to me.
191 days ago
I'm 13 and I got 90%, nice.
196 days ago
I'm nine and I got 42....😳
237 days ago
i got 20% pure.........................
248 days ago
im 12 years old(6th grade)i got 30% pure... eh not bad, i also read on wattpad, ao3, and webtoon. the content is questionable. Anyways any dsmp fans here?

if u ship dnf be my friend, *Heatwaves intensifies
248 days ago
im kool kidsuper kool
250 days ago
i got 20% and im a 13 yr old girl turning 14 in july lol ive done some pretty dirty stuff too lmao if u got less pure than me then uh... ur dirty ;)
316 days ago
this test gives me nerves lol
333 days ago
I read Wattpad, too. I am in 8th grade.
Also, this test ranked me 100% pure…
342 days ago
I'm not even in middle school anymore why am I taking this
395 days ago
I read wattpad, I'm in 7 grade. I'm not okay.
425 days ago
I got 40% and varten of 10 years old is 41% so im basic
493 days ago
I got 70% pure I am 14 is that normal?
523 days ago
70% pure and age 10. I can obviously say my friends are 80% without even asking them to take the quiz.. (They are really perverted in some chats)
543 days ago
I was dirty mined ever since i was born
554 days ago
Bruh... i am 80% pure...
564 days ago
Oop I just turned 12 yesterday and I got 10% pure- is this normal-?
605 days ago
Wow I am 10 years old and 10% pure is this normal
672 days ago
Oh I'm female btw funny 20% pure