Are you a computer geek?
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Are you a computer geek?

Take this test to find out if you are in fact a computer geek, and find out why your friends hate you for it.

Question 1:When you drive past your local Gateway Store do you often find yourself drooling as you spot the advertisement for that oh so special laptop you've been dying to get?
Oh YEAH BABY! GIVE IT TO ME! I want that laptop! *Panting noises*
Yes my dear friend. That computer has 1 quadrillion-billion bytes of processing power. I can finally play everquest in peace!
Well, it would be cool. I can check my e-mail and download my illegal Mp3's!
Huh? What's a Gateway Store?

Question 2:Do you often find yourself talking to your computer, threatening to turn it off if he/she doesn't get their act together and make themselves faster?
I don't even own a computer you nutty fruit.
I sometimes pick it up and drop it a little, just to show it who's boss.
I yell a little. It make him start to blink a lot.
Yes, and she recently told me her name was Betty.

Question 3:Do you purposefully go into techy chat rooms just to chit chat about the latest graphics card?
Yes! How did you know. I just got this one that has a bazillion things of memory and texture groping and, and...
Yes, I just love to chat about that sort of stuff. I have no meaningful life.
Yeah, but I'm normally just trying to figure out what's wrong with the darn thing.
Forget that, I'm normally in chat rooms talking to hot chicks.

Question 4:What is a megabyte?
Scarfing down one of those 12 inch sandwiches in one gulp!
One of those square thing's you stick in the computer?
Space on your computer. I think it's the stars or something.
A bunch of kilobytes, and they just gave it a fancier name.

Question 5:When do you buy new software?
I'm the first one there bub, with my credit card in hand.
I wait a couple of weeks. Wait for them to work all the bugs out.
Several months later. When everything's outdated anyway.
About 5 years after the fact. By then my computer can't handle the software anyways.

Question 6:When your friends ask you to come help them with a computer problem you...
Friend's, what friends? I'm too busy on the computer to know about the outside world. Where am I again?
I get to their house and shove them over while I do some quick typing and fix the problem in seconds. I sure have stupid friends. I even have to say your welcome before they'll say thank you.
I can only fix minor problems. I like to say I'm good at computers, but somehow I always end up crashing their compu...
I take some nails and a hammer over there and see what I can do.

Question 7:What kind of modem do you have?
Isn't that when you have another name or something?
I think I have an AOL.
Ethernet Lan with optional Fiber Optics T1 connection for direct play

Question 8:How much time do you spend on the computer?
I lost count after 300, doesn't everyone?
60 hours a week
About 30, e-mailing and talking to my friends.
I spend time and live my life! I go outside and smell the roses.

Question 9:Do you own a webcam?
A web what? One of those things that produce tiny little pictures and they have sticky stuff like webbing?
Yes, and I use it to impress my girlfriend/boyfriend.
Well, I was just following the crowd after I heard about JennyCam. I want everyone to know who I am. Even those nasty pedophiles.
Yes, and I just love to chat like that. Pixilated video and distorted sound suit me nicely.

Question 10:Who's your daddy?
Bill Gates of course? Isn't he every ones?
Steve Jobs, I'm still a rebel.
Suzanne Summers... Whoops
Jimmy Bob Bojangles

Question 11:How old are you?
I've been playing in full screen mode so long I lost count, what year is it again?
Um, my mom knows.
Under 30... I think
I'm just too drunk to remember.

Question 12:Do you have a floppy diskette fetish?
A what!?
I don't wanna say...
Oh yeah, I get kinky sometimes.
Uh!! Gimme those diskettes!! OH YEAH! YEAH BABY!!

Question 13:How big is your hard drive?
40 gigs or more.
A hundred megabytes!
A couple kilobytes?
10 inches, and proud of it!!

Question 14:Do you fantasize about you and your computer in your dreams?
Uhhhh...? You sicko!
Are you talking about the computer, or what's on the computer screen?
Yeah, I take it's floppy diskette, and it takes mine.
Why fantasize? We get it on everynight! What else is an expansion port good for?

Question 15:When your computers life is up, would you...
Give it a proper burial
Take some parts and bury the rest.
Totally gut it! Me and my screwdriver, just hacking away! BWAAHAHA!
Keep using it. It made me suffer, I'll make it suffer.

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