Have you?

Question 1:Have you Ever watched SpongeBobSqaurePants?
Question 2:Have you ever had a crush on your bestfriend's lova?
Question 3:Have you ever shared candy/pop with a friend and got sick because of it?
Question 4:Have you ever swallowed gum?
Question 5:Ever acted like a diva dancing to music?<lol>
Question 6:Try something totally new to you even thought it sounded gross and ended up liking it?
Question 7:Ever liked something one day then changed your mind the next day?
Question 8:Next hour?
Question 9:Have you mixed different sodas in with others in the same cup?
Question 10:Kissed your dog?
Question 11:Punch your siblings?
Question 12:Forget to buy a present for a special occasion/Holiday,then buy it at the last minute?
Question 13:stuck up for someone even know you knew they were wrong?
Question 14:Ate so much candy you got sick?
Question 15:Ran away from home because you were so confused you just wanted to get away from it all?
Question 16:Fell off your bike?
Question 17:Jaywalked?
Question 18:Thought about if tomorrow never came?
Question 19:Wore someone else’s clothes because you forgot yours while staying overnight?
Question 20:Fell asleep with gum in your mouth?

This Quiz has been designed by Stephanie.