Are You Meant to Be ( for girls only)
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Are You Meant to Be ( for girls only)

Have you ever wondered if you and your boyfriend were really made for each other? Or maybe you have had your doubts if he really loves you or not. Take this Purity test and you can find out!

Question 1:Have you ever had deep conversations?
Question 2:When you talk about things that are important to you does he really listen?
Question 3:Does he take part in you ideas or thoughts?
Question 4:Have you been together for a year or more?
Question 5:If so (#4) has he ever told you that he loves you?
Question 6:Does he get jealous when you talk about your past lovers?
Question 7:Do you get jealous when he talks about his past lovers?
Question 8:Have you ever told him that you love him?
Question 9:Did you get nervous the first time he said he loved you?
Question 10:Do you think he means it when he says things, like i love you?
Question 11:Have you gone all the way with him when you were only going out for a few weeks?
Question 12:Does he pressure to do things that you don’t really want to do?
Question 13:Deep down does your heart tell you that he’s "the one"
Question 14:Do the two of you have discussions about your future?
Question 15:Does he ever let you spend time with just your girlfriends?
Question 16:Does he show interest in your thoughts and ideas?
Question 17:Does he only want to talk about sexual topics?
Question 18:Have you ever kissed him yet?
Question 19:Does he talk to you when he is around all his guy friends?
Question 20:Have you met his parents?
Question 21:Has he met yours?
Question 22:Does he refer to you as his girlfriend infront of his friends or family?
Question 23:Do your parents like him?
Question 24:Does his parents like you?
Question 25:Does he remember your birthday?
Question 26:Does he buy you gifts or send you flowers just because?
Question 27:Would he do anything for you?
Question 28:Would you do anything for him?
Question 29:Does he treat you with respect as a woman and not as an object?
Question 30:And most of all do you really really love him?

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