Are You Obsessed?

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You have a crush, but how obsessed are you? Find out in this quiz.

  • 1
    Let's say you had a crush on your crush when your parents gave you "THE TALK." Yes, you know that talk. We all hate it. Did you automatically start thinking about your crush?
  • 2
    Do you ever wish they would dress inappropriately? (Like no shirt, a crop top, or super short shorts?)
  • 3
    When you're around your crush, do you ever feel like you want to push them into a corner and start kissing them?
  • 4
    Do you want to get married to your crush before you are 18?
  • 5
    Do you ever imagine kissing them (not just a romantic, slow kiss, but like a fierce kiss)?
  • 6
    Do you ever look up your crush so that you can find pictures of them and then kiss the screen? (I know that's kinda random, but idk, maybe you're that obsessed!)
  • 7
    Do you ever daydream about your crush in school and end up giving the wrong answer to a question because you were thinking of them?
  • 8
    Do you ever want your crush to touch your back and stomach?
  • 9
    Do you ever wear a crop top or not wear a shirt so that your crush will notice you more and think you're super hot?
  • 10
    Last but not least, do you ever stare at your crush during school for more than one minute straight?

Comments (48)


568 days ago
im 100% pure YAY!!!!
792 days ago
by the way I am 22 so I was 10 when I had that vision
792 days ago
oh yeah luna can I correct you on some thing agillity is both running and jumping
792 days ago
I realy should'nt be sharing my personal life on here
792 days ago
also I got 10% pure because its so easy to think about it because we have already done all of it together.
792 days ago
I think I'm phsicic because when I touched my crush I had a vision of some sorts I saw us married and with a kid and now 12 years later we're married with two kids (please don'tell my wife I took this quiz)
854 days ago
@ luna: people get scared when I look into their eyes too. Also, don't u love it that nobody knows who u really r when u post these?
920 days ago
Usually i try to be kind at school but sometimes i can not do it.
920 days ago
Does that makes any sense?
920 days ago
And the dragon is probably because i can learn from nothing and somtimes i know thinks before they happen.
920 days ago
I think they sai it because i am naturally good at climbing, running, swimming and jumping.
920 days ago
My friends often sai that i have the mind of a wolf, the flexibility of a cat, the agility and speed of a cheetah, the jump ability of a locust, i am playfull like a delfin, i swim like a fish, i am dree like a bird and have the heart of a dragon
920 days ago
And animals usually are more scared of their owners than me
920 days ago
And i often can scare people while i am looking in their eyes (they sai it feels like i can see what they are thinking)
920 days ago
And i have seen 2 ghosts and it happen often that a dream became true few months later...
920 days ago
I mean,
usually i dont stalk but if i have to i do.
920 days ago
Do they think it because i AM strange or because THEY are strange?
920 days ago
A lot of people think i am creepy, stalker, psysich and strange.
I dont know if it is because
920 days ago
I am 20% pure.
Is that why guy actually think i am a stalker?
930 days ago
I'm 11 btw i have no plans of getting married