Relationship Quiz
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Relationship Quiz

See if your relationship will last as long as you think it will

Question 1:Have you ever held hands with your lover?
Question 2:Have you ever hug your lover (not just a friendly hug)?
Question 3:Have you ever kissed (Cheek, Lips, Make Out etc.)?
Question 4:If so, did you do it after the first week?
Question 5:Do you like to not tell your friend about your relationships?
Question 6:Do you not like take your friends advice about them?
Question 7:If you were at the movies and they were all sold out of your favorite showing, would you do anything to get a ticket for you and your lover?
Question 8:Do you plan on not going "further" in your relationship in the next couple weeks (I mean drastically)?
Question 9:Do you hang out with your lover more than your friends?
Question 10:Have you ever gone on a date?
Question 11:Would you still go out with your friend if there was a nasty rumor going around about him/her?
Question 12:Do you trust your friends with your lover when your not there?
Question 13:Have you never had second thoughts about this relationship?
Question 14:Have you ever caught yourself being attracted to another person while you’re going out with your lover?
Question 15:If your friends say dump him/her, would you not?
Question 16:Would you not be so into this person that you might let them take advantage of you?
Question 17:Did you not change yourself for your lover to like you?
Question 18:Have you ever bought your lover a present?
Question 19:If a more "attractive" person were to ask you out while you were still going out with your lover, would stay with your lover?
Question 20:Do you really love your lover?

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