"Do You Have A True Love?"
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"Do You Have A True Love?"

This is to test whether you and your mate are fit to have a long term relationship and last till the point of marriage?

Question 1:Are you dating someone from the opposite sex?
Question 2:Do you & your mate communicate at least 5 times a week or more?
Question 3:Do you feel that your mate respects you, your friends, and family?
Question 4:My mate does do anything illegal (drugs or etc) or have talked about doing so?
Question 5:Do you feel your mate honestly tells you about past experiences with other mates?
Question 6:Is your mate a good kisser? Or if your mate haven't kissed you, yet do you feel they are a good kisser?
Question 7:Do your parents approve of your mate and/or his/her friends?
Question 8:FIRST DATE: Did the first date make you believe that this person is the one for you?
Question 9:COMMUNICATION: When talking to your mate, your mate always have something interesting to talk about?
Question 10:The relationship is 50/50 - we are both giving/receiving equally? (ex. standards, values, money, communication, etc)
Question 11:My mate doesn't talk to EX's?
Question 12:Do you feel comfortable being around your mate somewhere far from home?
Question 13:Are you and your mates interests & hobbies equal or somewhat the same?
Question 14:I've never had second thoughts about my mate? (physically, mentally, spiritually)
Question 15:INTIMACY: Do your mate perform well in the Intimate area?
Question 16:FUTURE: Do you & your mates future for the relationship matches? (ex. You BOTH wants to have 5 kids)
Question 17:When I say NO, my mate respect my choice? (in any way)
Question 18:Is your mate an encouragement to you in all areas of your life? (academics, sports, home, spiritually, etc)
Question 19:When you choice to date/meet at home, do your mate have a problem with this choice & would like to go out?
Question 20:EVALUATION: Overall, do you see yourself being with someone else that does things better?

This Quiz has been designed by Renee Stewart.