How well do you kiss?
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How well do you kiss?

Question 1:Do love to kiss?
Question 2:Do you kiss lightly?
Question 3:Is kissing something that you do because everyone else is doing it?
Question 4:Do you like to french kiss
Question 5:Do you kiss deeply and with passion?
Question 6:Does kissing often lead into sex?
Question 7:Do you kiss on the first date?
Question 8:Do you think that kissing is overrated?
Question 9:Is kissing the only thing that matters in a relationship to you.
Question 10:Do you and your partner often lip lock?
Question 11:Would you kiss more if your partner would accept it?
Question 12:Would you kiss some one for money?
Question 13:Would you pay some one to kiss you?
Question 14:If you were an actor/actress would you kiss in movies?
Question 15:Would you kiss some one on live TV?
Question 16:Do you kiss your partner twice a week?
Question 17:Do you kiss you partner more than five times a week?
Question 18:Do kiss your partner even if you are not in the mood?
Question 19:Do you kiss your partner even if they are not in the mood?
Question 20:Would you force someone to kiss you?
Question 21:Have you ever been forced to kiss someone?
Question 22:Would you kiss someone with much passion on a dare?
Question 23:Have you ever kissed some one other than your partner
Question 24:Do you and your partner kiss alot before you have sex?
Question 25:Do you kiss even if you know someone is watching(Not a family member, at a wedding, A STRANGER)?
Question 26:Would you kiss a stranger on a dare?
Question 27:Does kissing come naturally to you.
Question 28:Does it bother you when you kiss in public
Question 29:Do love to kiss?
Question 30:Is you favorite part of kissing at the end?

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