The Metal Purity Test
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The Metal Purity Test

Are you a high Priest(as in Judas) of Metal, or some nu-bie Korn nut? Find out.

Question 1:Do you listen to Slayer?
Question 2:Do you think Metallica should've changed their name to Hard-Rock-tallica?
Question 3:Is Winger Metal?
Question 4:Do they suck either way?
Question 5:Do you even know what I'm talking about?
Question 6:Do you throw up the horns as a sign of greeting?
Question 7:Do you pay homage to the all-mighty Butt-Mullet?
Question 8:Should Fred Durst be thrown face-first into a pool of feces?
Question 9:Do you have hair down to or past your shoulders?
Question 10:Do you want to take those who did, but cut it, and stomp them like narcs at a biker rally?
Question 11:Do you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who is a roadie for a metal band?
Question 12:Do you remember what the M in MTV stands for?
Question 13:Do you think calling it MTV now is false advertizing?
Question 14:Do you know who Ron McGovney is?
Question 15:Do you die for metal and live for death?
Question 16:Do you know what S.O.D. stands for?
Question 17:Are you listening to any heavy metal right now?
Question 18:Is it 2AM or later?
Question 19:Are the cops at your door, yelling at you to turn it down?
Question 20:Do you own a leather jacket?
Question 21:Do you spend more time looking for rare Dio bootlegs than you do looking for a job?
Question 22:Do you spend more on concerts and CDs than you make?
Question 23:Was it worth it?
Question 24:Do you own a guitar or drums?
Question 25:Are Bill and Ted your favorite pop-culture icons?

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