How Pure of a 'Bandie' are you??
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How Pure of a 'Bandie' are you??

Take the Bandie purity test to find out!!

Question 1:Have you ever been in marching band?
Question 2:Have you ever been in drum corps?
Question 3:Have you been in the marching band for longer than a year?
Question 4:--Longer than three?
Question 5:Have you ever been drum major?
Question 6:Have you ever wanted to be drum major?
Question 7:--Do you like it because of the power?
Question 8:--Because of the whistle and the gloves?
Question 9:When you were a rookie, did you worship the seniors?
Question 10:Have you ever completely trashed a band bus?
Question 11:--Have you ever been forced to clean such a bus? (ohh rookies...)
Question 12:Ever lost something out the window of a band bus?
Question 13:Do you start cheers on band buses?
Question 14:Do you take more silly pictures on the band bus than you do on the actual band trips?
Question 15:Ever gotten all the way to a game/show/parade without your uniform/shoes/socks/gloves/ect.?
Question 16:--Ever been missing one shoe/one glove?
Question 17:--Ever been missing one shoe/one glove and have to borrow one from somebody else with a different size?
Question 18:--Instrument?
Question 19:Ever had a 'rookie interview?' (Where the 'Bigs' call you to them and ask you horribly personal questions) Or something equally horrible done to you on the bus by the 'Bigs'?
Question 20:Ever fallen asleep on a band bus and had people do things to you?
Question 21:Have you ever marched more than one instrument in the same season?
Question 22:Have you ever missed major life events for band camp/practice? (i.e. weddings, funerals, finals)
Question 23:Have you Met your significant other in the band?
Question 24:Are all your friends in the band?
Question 25:Brought friends into the band?
Question 26:Have you gone through more than one band director?
Question 27:Do you refer to your band director by their first name in front of them?
Question 28:Have you ever had to run laps/do pushups/pick-up yard markers/ect. for being late?
Question 29:Do you refer to an 8hr day of bandcamp as "not long enough?"
Question 30:Have you ever attended extra rehearsals scheduled before/after band actually started/ended?
Question 31:Have you ever had tan/burn lines associated with your instrument? (i.e., harness marks, burned tops of forearms from playing a trumpet, burned right elbow from playing picc?)
Question 32:Did you ever name sequences of drill sets?(Moustache Sequence/Square of Death)
Question 33:Have you ever had to do a potentially life threatening/impossible move in a show? (As in a saxophone mesh with the quads, leading to an immediate pass through the rifles...or having to go 4 to 5...back a diagonal)
Question 34:When someone mentions a word from a title of last season's song, do you have the song in your head for the rest of the day?
Question 35:Do you consider your version of songs better than the original?
Question 36:Do you live/die for the sound of the Mr. Beep?
Question 37:Are your favorite shoes your marching shoes?
Question 38:Is your favorite outfit your uniform?
Question 39:Have you ever listened to an adjudication tape and known the judge was referring specifically to you?
Question 40:--For being too loud?
Question 41:Have you ever yelled at your director?
Question 42:Have you ever fell doing run-on?
Question 43:Have you named your instrument?
Question 44:--Severely damaged your instrument during a game/parade/show?
Question 45:--Dropped your instrument during a performance?
Question 46:--Had your instrument freeze up during a performance?
Question 47:--Bathed with your instrument (for the purpose of cleaning)?
Question 48:--Bathed with your instrument...for...any other purpose?? (You don't get points for this, that's just gross.)
Question 49:Ever lost a slide/mouthpiece/tuba bits/ligature/lyre/music/etc. on the field?
Question 50:Ever had a 'mouthpiece solo?' (your mouthpiece pops out on a horns up/down)
Question 51:Have you ever played in the rain?
Question 52:--On a woodwind?
Question 53:--Ever marched in mud so bad that you fell or missed drill marks completely?
Question 54:Have you ever played in the Purple Pit?
Question 55:Has your band ever had an "accident" (like, the bleachers collapsed underneath it, or the bus wrecked, or something else horrible)?
Question 56:Have you ever been called a band geek/nerd/fag?
Question 57:--Did you thank them for calling you such?
Question 58:--Do you consider yourself one?
Question 59:Have you ever had to explain what a part of your uniform does/how to put it on to a non-band person?
Question 60:Are you a legend in your band? (meaning are you respected by OTHERS...)
Question 61:Do you wish to be a legend in your band?
Question 62:Are you part of a scream team/jazz band/winter drumline/winter guard?
Question 63:--Pep band (M.B. for basketball games/wrestling/whatever)?
Question 64:Have you ever written drill?
Question 65:--Arranged show music?
Question 66:Have you ever done an instrument swap?
Question 67:--For an entire game?
Question 68:Have you ever been a section leader?
Question 69:Has your band ever had a theme song?
Question 70:--Was it dirty?
Question 71:--Was it clean before and you changed the lyrics so it was dirty?
Question 72:Do you ever make up different words to the cheerleaders' cheers?
Question 73:--Are they dirty? (Free point, there really isn't much doubt here, is there?
Question 74:For woodwinds: Have you ever switched to a brass instrument just so you could join drum corps? For brass winds: Have you ever forced a woodwind friend to play a brass wind just so you could have someone to join a drum corps with?
Question 75:Can you correctly complete this phrase? "This one time at band camp, I stuck a flute..."
Question 76:Are you for some reason absurdly proud that they put that in the movie?
Question 77:Have you ever e-mailed the Band Purity Test web mistress with more questions for the test?
Question 78:During concert season, do you miss your uniform and your show/stand music?
Question 79:Do you roll-step through the cafeteria to avoid spilling your food?
Question 80:Do you march in step with your friends?
Question 81:Are the heels on all your shoes that are broken in naturally rolled?
Question 82:Do you think people who have never been in band are deprived?
Question 83:Do you have more than 2 nicknames?
Question 84:Do you find it difficult to impossible to imagine life without marching band?
Question 85:Have you ever plotted the destruction of the other band?
Question 86:--Pondered if you could concentrate hard enough to have the other team's drumline spontaneously combust?
Question 87:--Tried it?
Question 88:--Had it work?
Question 89:Ever gone over to the other side to meet the other band?
Question 90:--...and had to be escorted back for your behavior?
Question 91:Have you ever been insulted by the other band?
Question 92:--...and gone over to their band and hosed them with superior music?
Question 93:Do you search for friends in the other band at every game?
Question 94:--Do you actually have friends in the other band?
Question 95:Do you get excited when a band executes a particularly impressive drill/song?
Question 96:Do you talk about things around "normal" people, get funny looks, and say, "It's a band thing"?
Question 97:Has a song you've played in marching band ever moved you so much that you cried while you were playing it? (Ladies and gentlemen, Amazing Grace...)
Question 98:Do you know what it is to have band respect, band honor, band faithfulness?
Question 99:Did you learn everything you need to know about life from band?
Question 100:Do you "love band?"

This Quiz has been designed by Bonnie Stevens.