Are you a true punk/member of the thing we call diversity?
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Are you a true punk/member of the thing we call diversity?

Are you totally rebellious? DO you have what it takes to be an original punk or are you just a sk8er boy or girl?

Question 1:Do you or have you ever worn spandex?
Question 2:Do you tend to use a lot of hairspray?
Question 3:Have you ever crimped or ratted your hair?
Question 4:Do you wear it like that on a daily basis but sometimes with spikes?
Question 5:Do you wear a lot of black?
Question 6:Do you like late 70s / Early 80s punk rock and/or rock n roll?
Question 7:Do you wear a lot of make up (whether you're a guy or a girl?)
Question 8:Do you take pride in being different?
Question 9:Have you ever skipped class?
Question 10:Ever experimented with narcotics?
Question 11:Do you adore Billy Idol for his attitude and dirty innuendoes?
Question 12:Would you or have you ever kill/killed a prep?
Question 13:Do you wanna sniff some glue now?
Question 14:Have you ever went against the rules of pop rocks and drank coke with 'em?
Question 15:Do you like to sing?
Question 16:Do you scream a lot?
Question 17:Does over half of your cd/cassette/vinyl/8 track collection consist of rock n roll from the 70s and 80s?
Question 18:Is your hair more than two different colours?
Question 19:Bright colours?
Question 20:Last of all, do you adore Alice Cooper's chicken killing techniques?

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